SWAP file in a separate partition?

  PvG 07:14 21 Dec 2004

WOuld it be a good idea to place the swap file in it's own partition. I have 512MB RAM and was thinking of making a 2GB partition just for this. Would the system run faster?
What might any drawbacks be?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:59 21 Dec 2004

It may be an advantage - I have done that to the extent that the swap file is on a 2gb partition on a different physical disk. I have never read anything conclusive about it though and I think it will all depend on the overall spec of the machine and the usage it gets.

  wx622 08:10 21 Dec 2004

If you don't have the swapfile on the system

  wx622 08:13 21 Dec 2004

Sorry about the last thread.
Anyway, the only disadvantage I can think of is that with no swapfile on the boot partition, if anything goes wrong, Windows will not be able to save a memory dump. You will therefore have less chance in solving any potential troubles.

This shouldn't worry you if you have a stable system.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:32 21 Dec 2004

[quote]This would be a partition on the same HDD. AMD 2.8 processor, 80GB HDD, 512 RAM [/quote]

No harm in trying it; you have nothing to lose except a 2gb partition!

  ventanas 08:40 21 Dec 2004

I always do it, 2gb as suggested here. Also have another 2Gb partition for Photoshop's scratch disc. I just think its tidier.

  Jeffers22 09:25 21 Dec 2004

Removing the pagefile/swapfile to a separate partition aids in reducing the fragmentation of your C: drive where the OS resides. I believe it makes a small difference to overall performance, but cannot substantiate it with anthing other than anecdotal evidence.

In addition, I also remove temporary internet files, My Documents, bookmarks/favourites many settings files and Outlook pst file to other partitions. This achieves a lower fragmentation rate of C: and also keeps all data on it's separate drive where back up is simpler and a restore will not wipe out ANY data and very few settings.

  Dorsai 10:27 21 Dec 2004

The main reason I have my page file on a seperate partions is that;

1. It helps prevent fragmentation of C:, and the page file is not 'in the way' during de-fragging.

2. It helps prevent fragmentation of the swap file it's self, as there is nothing on that partition but the page file.

I also find it helps to set a 'minimum size' for the page file, as this prevents windows resizing it, as the amount of data in it goes up and down.

As to performance gains, not too sure. But It does not seem to make things slower.

  JayDay 13:29 21 Dec 2004

I've always done it. I'm sure I read somewhere years ago it was a good idea. Also I set the minimum and maximum to the same size and it prevents the swapfile from resizing itself.

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