svga to hdmi tv

  Migwell 23:48 03 Nov 2011

How do you conect a laptop computer with only SVGA to a HDMI TV, to show photographs etc. Then how about sound for video?

  Graham* 00:48 04 Nov 2011
  eedcam 05:34 04 Nov 2011

Why not just put them on DVD

  gengiscant 05:53 04 Nov 2011

Something like this is what I use for an older PC with a VGA connection. eBay

  robin_x 11:14 04 Nov 2011

You'll need to set your video 'card' to output digital signals through the VGA. Not all do.

amazon info

For sound, you'll need a 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo jack cable from headphone socket on laptop to TV/Hi-FI/Home Cinema Sound system.

  Migwell 00:10 05 Nov 2011

Thanks but that type of cable on evilbay said I need a converter

  eedcam 10:17 05 Nov 2011

Migwell This is from another forum which has a considerable debate on your Query VGA TO HDMI Might be worth trawling though it all

Through much research I found out that the only PROPER way to connect a video card to an HDTV is in one of two manners: 1. Have a DVI input on HDTV for DVI output from the computer. 2. Get a video card from at least the last two generations (geforce 8 or geforce 7600 or higher, 7300 does NOT have it. Also newer ATI cards have that aswell). All those video cards have a special "HDTV" port which LOOKS like S-Video at a glance but has DIFFERENT pins. You plug in a splitter that splits it into Component out.

Many experts actually claim that despite component being analogue it is actually of superior quality to DVI and HDMI! Due to many reasons such as the fact that DVI and HDMI transfer a "digital signal" in an analogue manner, without error correction or detection (CRC, TCP/IP, etc, etc. Nothing is used), with possible copy protection, and with lossy conversion between one digital format to another. Resulting in potentially inferior quality to that of component, while generating a lot of marketing buzz.

For example, the max length of a DVI/hdmi cable before corruption is noticed is usually 10 feet, while component can go for 100 - 150 ft. And optical audio... well... better.

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