svchost.exe+iexplore.exe Using 100% Cpu

  birdface 00:58 21 Apr 2008

Hi.Having a little problem with svchost.exe 2 of them using a high% of Cpu at different times.Also iexplore.exe also using a lot.Just wondering if maybe CPU or PSU might be on the way out.Also when going into my documents there are a few things with blue writing on them that was not there before.Just seem to be having the problem since deleting SP3 beta as the full version is supposed to be ready for downloading to-morrow.Now I don't have Microsoft automatic updates running.So thats not the problem with svchost.exe.Anybody got any ideas.Its an old machine and could do with some more memory.I don't think it is worth paying £65 for more memory when it could go towards another computer,

  birdface 01:23 21 Apr 2008

Hi.Bed time.As it is mostly when opening other pages or threads that I get the high Cpu readings but I can live with it.Just slows the computer down a bit.I have ran my Security programs and found nothing.Probably the lack of memory.After removing SP3 I did get a warning of lack of virtual memory.But after deleting a few programs there has been no problems.Also defrag does not work.But I can get it to work in safe mode as long as I use the administrator account.Just wondering do I need to keep the administrator account or can I delete it.

  STREETWORK 06:52 21 Apr 2008


1. do a system clean up first.
2. run defrag
3. run a windows repair from the CD

Next go to click here and run the registry repair from the link...

Its worth checking how many instances there are of iexplore running...

  birdface 10:38 21 Apr 2008

Hi.Yes have done a clean up and defrag.2 problems I do not have XP Home CD + CD Drive does not work.But CD.Rw does.So a bit limited to what I can do.I hope when I download SP3 it will clear things up.Computer is about 6 years old now and not worth spending any money on it with the price of new computers nowadays.I have had excellent use of it and it has never ever broken down.So will be sad to see it going eventually.Thought it might have been the lack of memory but after checking it should be Ok.I have run Winaso Registry Optimizer and C Cleaner so everything should be Ok.If I can borrow a XP Home disc.Would it run on my CD,Rw Drive.I can still play music onit.

  birdface 13:30 21 Apr 2008

Just going to put this down to an old computer and all the changes that I have made.but if anyone can tell me why I am getting blue writing on some of the things that I have got in my documents feel free to jump in.I will class this as resolved now.

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