Svchost.exe using 100% resources

  ACOLYTE 15:00 14 Jan 2008

I have this problem on a pc that is networked to my main pc,connected through a Bt home Hub and sharing the line.It slows the pc down a great deal and sometimes stops IE from contacting web pages,although on line games work fine.
I was looking to find what processes were linked to svchost on the pc by using the tasklist /svc command but it seems its a Xp pro option only,as i have xp home I'm stuck,is there any other way to find out this or maybe see why svchost is using all the resources at 100%.
The pc has been checked for viruses and other threats and none have been found.

  mfletch 15:09 14 Jan 2008


This program may help you,

a-squared HiJackFree

Manage all running Processes and their associated modules

click here


  ACOLYTE 15:42 14 Jan 2008

Thx i just tried this and it has found a few things I'm not sure about,it doesn't really have good explanations about the files it shows so im not sure what to make of them:

Yahoo toolbar

these 3 things were flagged as RED by this app,and im pretty sure they are clean,so what to make of it?

  mfletch 16:04 14 Jan 2008


When you Google R2ctlNS.OCX
It comes up with a lot to do with games,

click here

Have you tried stopping the processes


  brundle 16:09 14 Jan 2008

click here

This will give more information as to what each instance of svchost.exe is doing

  birdface 17:11 14 Jan 2008

svchost.exe can it be Microsoft updates it is looking for. Try turning automatic updates off and see if there is any difference.You may have to reboot computer but worth a try.

  mfletch 18:00 14 Jan 2008

To view the list of services that are running in Svchost: 1. Click Start on the Windows taskbar, and then click Run.
2. In the Open box, type CMD, and then press ENTER.
3. Type Tasklist /SVC, and then press ENTER.
Tasklist displays a list of active processes. The /SVC switch shows the list of active services in each process. For more information about a process, type the following command, and then press ENTER:
Tasklist /FI "PID eq processID" (with the quotation marks)

click here


  birdface 20:20 14 Jan 2008

Tried that but it does not work on the home has ACOLYTE.

  ACOLYTE 18:48 15 Jan 2008

I have checked out the things that the other program flagged as red and i am satisfied that they are legit items.
I also have spybot and a few things struck me as odd in searching through its options,firstly i in the exceptions part of spybot cdilla has been ticked,i am assuming spybot did this because i know i didnt why would it do this?,secondly is it flags a startup reg entry
in the file discription as a virus,file is system32.exe there is no other information only that it is added by variuos trojans and stuff,all my web searches come back the same no1 can say for sure what this file is for and if it is a virus.
My scans of the file with AVG have come back clean
so again what to do? and should i stop it from auto startup?


  birdface 21:57 15 Jan 2008

Cdilla if thats the name of it.You should find 2 or three things on that list that Spybot has ticked ,I always unticked them and it still never found anything on the.Just dumped Spybot never ever found anything and used to use all of my CPU when running.Now did you try removing microsoft Automatic update.If you have taskmanager on and remove the update,You should see the svchost.exe using less of the CPU.One other thing is that Spybot keeps updating your host file it is possible something has got in there and may be better trying an up to date version rather than Spybots.

  birdface 23:13 15 Jan 2008 here=

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