svchost.exe @100% cpu

  Taw® 16:25 14 Sep 2006

I have one of the above running at 100% which slows the computer right down. If I right click and end process the computer runs normally till the next boot. I have run my own AV and have also done a couple of online scans with no virus detected. also use adaware, S&D anda few other antispyware again nothing unuual noted, appreciate sugestions XPPRo plenty of RAM nothing unusual done, other than removing Yahoo messenger which gave a few probs but has gone

  skidzy 16:46 14 Sep 2006

CPU usage may reach 100 percent when you resume a computer that is running Windows XP from standby multiple times...does this apply to you Taw®

click here

  skidzy 16:49 14 Sep 2006
  Taw® 17:13 14 Sep 2006

thanks skidzy but I don't think that is me, it has onlky started happening on switch on CPU sts at 100% until I end the svchost.exe process

  Stuartli 17:17 14 Sep 2006

svchost.exe is used in several instances by Windows.

  skidzy 17:37 14 Sep 2006

Have you tried reinstalling Yahoo and see if this cures the problem,i know you do not want this on your system...but this may be a pointer if it is causing the 100%.Or even System restore may be worth a shot.

  martytoon 18:14 14 Sep 2006

Is svchost.exe sitting in the windows folder?

Reason I ask is that a friend of mine had a similar issue a while ago. After a bit of fiddling around we found another instance of svchost.exe in another folder. Turned out this was some monitoring software which was recording all keystokes and running applications and firing information of to a website. We deleted off the system and solved the problem.

  martytoon 18:17 14 Sep 2006

Sorry - just to clarify - I'm not saying you should delete the .exe file in your case, just that on my friends PC the monitoring software appeared to have been given this name to avoid detection.

  skidzy 18:17 14 Sep 2006

click here
Came across this thread that may be of help.An idea relating to martytoon's suggestion.

  Coff 18:49 14 Sep 2006

You need to identify which service(s) is/are associated with the instance of svchost that's using your CPU. Download Process Explorer from click here This program runs from it's own folder, no need to install it. When you open the program, hover your mouse over the instance of svchost using your CPU and a small window will appear giving you the information. It could be Automatic Updates, for example, downloading updates to your computer.

  Taw® 21:14 14 Sep 2006

martytoon how do I check what folder it is in?

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