SVCD in Nero

  Gary 17:35 06 Apr 2003

I am trying to create an SVCD in Nero from an avi file I have on my HDD. I have got the MPEG-2 encoder plugin for Nero installed. Nero encodes the video into MPEG with the settings set to make the output file suitable for recording onto an 80minute CD. However, it is generating an MPEG file that is too big for the CD. Can anyone tell me how to get Nero to compress the file more?

  crx16 17:40 06 Apr 2003

you can only get around 25minutes of SVCD on a CD,if you want less compression use VCD (74minutes on a CD)

  crx16 18:00 06 Apr 2003

that should be 35-40 minutes of SVCD,i dont think you can increase that with nero,but..

"normally one SVCD disc contains 35-40 minutes of video, but by reducing the bitrate, one CD can hold up to 74 minutes of video (which is the same amount what VCD disc contains)."

im using nero vision express,and there is no options for 'reducing bitrate'.maybe someone knows of software that does.

  siouxah1 20:02 06 Apr 2003

Cannot say that I am aware of how to get Nero to put more onto the disc.

Have you considered splitting the file between two disc? This is the method I use. Split avi file with hjsplit.

Or using this splitter cut out a portion, if possibley not necessary.

I am almost certain that if you do manage to further compress your file the quality will suffer, in which case you might as well use VCD.

Regards Brian j

  Cantillion 20:13 06 Apr 2003

If you change the bitrate, you'll end up creating a coaster unplayable in a standalone DVD playable. If your intention is to play the video in PCs only, why not consider using a more compressed codec such as DivX?

  Gary 22:02 06 Apr 2003

I have encoded things in DivX in the past, but the file I want to encode needs to be playable on standard DVD players. I'm not fully aware of the differences between VCD and SVCD (perhaps somebody could enlighten me?) so perhaps SVCD would be suitable for my needs. I'll experiment a bit more and post back with the results!

  Gary 22:05 06 Apr 2003

having said that, I could split across multiple disks.

siouxah1 can you tell me where I can get the file splitter you refer to please?

  Cantillion 22:11 06 Apr 2003

You can use TMPGenc to split your MPEG files:

click here

There are loads of sites that tell you how to use the programme (one of which is mine ;-)). Try this click here

  Cantillion 22:16 06 Apr 2003

Thinking about it. you'll want to split the AVI rather than the MPEG, since your source is an AVI. For this, you can use just about any video editing programme - most of which have free trials.

Alternatively, use tmpgence to encode to MPEG2 from AVI, split it into chunks, then use NERO to burn the (s)VCD (making sure it doesn't re-encode the AVI)

Excuse my ramblings - need sleep.

  Shanks 22:20 06 Apr 2003

Gary if you are using Nero express, try switching over to the main Nero Burning programme and choose SVCD, then you have the option to 'Fit to disk size' or set the bitrate manually. Simply set 'to fit' disk of 80 mins and it should work fine (at least it does for me!)

I don't know the technical details but SVCD is certainly superior in quality to VCD


  crx16 22:29 06 Apr 2003

with nero (vision express) you could split the file onto 2.

add video,then edit,you can adjust the slider bar for the movie to end at 40 mins,then burn.

then start new project,add video again,then edit,this time adjust the slider from the left and set the movie to start at 40 mins.

this will only work if movie is less than 80 minutes in total.

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