SUWIN Error when trying to Load Windows onto HDD

  darkjedimistress 18:03 21 Jun 2003

Hi there. I am having an extremely frustrating time trying to load either Windows 98 or Windows ME onto a system that I have built. Quick spec run through. Asus A7S33 Mobo, 512Mb DDR Ram, 8GB HDD Quantum LT, 32Mb Asus Graphics...

The HDD is formatted etc all nicely but when I try to load windows right near the beggining when it is checking the space on the HDD I keep getting the error SUWIN CAUSED A GENERAL PROTECTION FAULT IN MODULE SETUPX.DLL AT 0019:0D56 Once I click either IGNORE or CANCEL the system just reboots back to DOS and again I start all over again. This has happened on 2 HDD's now so I am suspecting either a dodgy motherboard or windows disks. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

  VoG® 18:09 21 Jun 2003
  darkjedimistress 18:12 21 Jun 2003

Interesting reading. Since I built the system from scratch I will check everything again just in case I messed something up. One strange thing I noticed was that when the HDD and 2 CDRoms were identified, the type of drive for the HDD and the slave CDROM were DMA2 but the Master CDRom was someone different, trying to recollect but it had a 4 in it. I am running the HDD as a master and the two CD Drives on one cable as master and slave. I will check the BIOS and see if anything is wrong and also the MB. Thanks

  darkjedimistress 20:38 21 Jun 2003

Hi there. I am half way through the windows setup but I believe the Motherboard is still not setup correctly as I am on the checking hardware part of windows setup and it keeps crashing out with a blue screen. There are no online manuals for this board and I don't have one either. The board is jumperless except for area where there is a block with 4 selectors and it looks like you have to choose what the CPU is and also the RAM speeds. Now I am running a 1Gb Athlon and PC2100 DDR I believe, so do I need the 100 or 133 selection of the Processor speed and for the DIMM ram do I need 100 133 or 166. It's very confusing!

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