Suspicious (slightly)E-Mail

  ulrich 18:48 02 Sep 2004

I have (at last)received an e-mail offering 20% of $26.500.000. Unfortunately I know I will have to part with some of my hard earned pennies before I can lay my hands on my BIG share. Should I notify someone of this or just delete and hope it's a hoax.

  keith-236785 18:55 02 Sep 2004

its a hoax, delete and just dream of what might have been, then count your lucky stars that you didnt give your bank account number to these people.

anyone who you dont know, from an organisation you have had no contact with and who is offering you 5.3 MILLION dollars is bound to be dodgy.

  bremner 18:56 02 Sep 2004

Of course it is a hoax - Nigerian 419 or variation by the sound of it

Just delete it

  keith-236785 18:58 02 Sep 2004

posted too early,

do not even reply to this as they will then know they have someone who MAY be interested and will bombard you with similar offers, hoping that you might fall for one of them.

if by chance you already have given them your details (and i hope you havent), contact your bank and freeze your account until you can get in to see them and change your account number.

  Dorsai 19:03 02 Sep 2004

A hoax..

Pay ME, and i will get YOU loads of cash..

If i could get loads of cash, why would i want to then give it to someone else, just cos they gave me £2000.

I would get the cash for me, and keep quiet.

all they want is YOUR cash, as they can't get any for anyone, unless they trick it out of someone, and then it's only for them.

  Valvegrid 19:25 02 Sep 2004

Ignore and delete, that's the Internet for you, offering everything from $26 million to something to put a smile on my wife's face.

  keith-236785 19:31 02 Sep 2004

Valvegrid, you get them e-mails as well......i think someone has been peeping lol

  Valvegrid 19:34 02 Sep 2004

Yep, InterFlora are at it as well ;-)

  end 19:34 02 Sep 2004

and I am still waiting for my share of this "vast fortune":)

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