Suspicious Ask Jeeves

  frybluff 20:22 22 Feb 2012

My browser, today, has suddenly changed to what purports to be "Ask Jeeves", without me changing it. I have IE9 as my default. I have checked that IE9 is still my default. I've tried uninstalling "Ask Jeeves". Still there. In the end, I tried using it, but my search was immediately quarantined by Malwarebytes, as "suspicious". Did malware scan which found and removed a malicious adware, but I've still got "Ask Jeeves", and I still can't get rid of it.

I thought about doing a restore to a couple of days ago, but as not done it before, not sure how (I don't want to lose all my old data). Not even sure if it will help.

Help would be much appreciated.

  SparkyJack 20:30 22 Feb 2012

I thought Ask Jeeves was dead and gone long ago If my assumption is correct then this could indeed some malware trick

  rdave13 20:32 22 Feb 2012

In IE9 manage add-ons select 'all add-ons' then disable Ask. Go to programs and features and uninstall Ask toolbar if showing. Go back to IE and make your old search engine the default.

  Woolwell 21:52 22 Feb 2012

Ask Jeeves is still around. The Ask toolbar can inadvertently be downloaded and installed with some other programs. You have to be careful to untick the box.

  Woolwell 21:54 22 Feb 2012

In particular it comes with Java unless you untick. I strongly dislike this practice of including things which you have to untick. Java what is the ask toolbar

  Woolwell 21:56 22 Feb 2012

System restore doesn't remove data only programs/drivers/registry changes, etc since the previous restore point.

  frybluff 22:00 22 Feb 2012

Have fully uninstalled the REAL Ask. "Ask" does not exist on laptop. In the list of available browsers: against "ASK" it says not available. IE9/Bing is selected as default, and I have the "blocker" ticked to "prevent other browsers suggesting a change". If I left click on internet explorer, I get this suspicious "ask" screen. If I right click on internet explorer, I get the Messenger, hotmail link. If I click on that I DO get IE9/bing, but, obviously I shouldn't need to.

  Sea Urchin 22:06 22 Feb 2012

You seem to be confusing your browser (IE9) with your Home Page, which has changed to Ask Jeeves. Go to the Tools menu - Internet Options - and type in the URL of the page you want to use as your Home Page. Click Apply and OK.

  frybluff 22:08 22 Feb 2012


That does actually sound a possibility, as some software, I was downloading, earlier, did do an update of Java, in the process, but I don't recall any mention of ASK (maybe in the small print). Any ideas on how to kill it?

  frybluff 22:17 22 Feb 2012

Sea Urchin

Thanks for that, did trick. You learn something new every day

  Sea Urchin 22:29 22 Feb 2012

Glad that's sorted - thanks for the feedback

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