Suspected worm found, What next

  Ghloria 19:59 10 May 2003

I used "Iparmor 5.39" unregistered (free) and it reported "Suspected worm found _____" 10 timers and that only the registered (pay)version could deal with it, but how do I deal with it on a no cost basis.


  powerless 20:02 10 May 2003
  beeuuem 20:09 10 May 2003

What is the name of the worm? You could try an on line scan from click here or; as Powerless was suggesting; download AVG, run a scan, see what it has to say and then post back to this link if you need more help.
AVG is a free Anti-virus programme used by many on this forum.

  bvw in bristol 20:12 10 May 2003

What is 10 timers? I can't find any reference to this as a worm or trojan.

  mikef™ 20:29 10 May 2003

Try any of these three Trojan removers, I've used the first one, click here click here click here

Note all these were taken from the links section on this site where they have been reccomended by members.

  Ghloria 21:55 10 May 2003

bvw the virus is not called 10 timers, what I mean and should have said was the virus alert message appeared 10 times.

Powerless, beeuuem and mikef™ thank you for the responses, especially the links. Iparmor only says the virus is on my "c" drive and does not tell me what it is called, only that I should get the paid version.


  Ghloria 21:56 10 May 2003

AVG and Norton have not picked up the virus.


  VoG™ 22:22 10 May 2003

Out of interest I've just downloaded this program and it is currently running.

It has detected several items of what it calls "spyware" - for example a cookie from the Daily Telegraph site (!).

It has just reported "Suspect Trojan found active in Disk.
!Only a registered Iparmor can auto-disable and rename suspect process."

Do you think that they want us to pay for this?

In my opinion, trust AVG and Norton. If you want other opinions click here click here

  mikef™ 22:32 10 May 2003

Ghloria as VoG™ hints sounds like one of the scareware adverts and they want you to pay for it and surprise surprise it will immediately repair the "WORM". Responsible programs such as Norton will tell you exactly what you have, if it doesn't be suspicious of their motives.

  VoG™ 22:40 10 May 2003

By the way, you aren't running both AVG and Norton are you? It is generally good advice to have only one anti-virus program running - otherwise they each suspect the other of being a virus and slow your system down - sometimes bigtime.

I have uninstalled Iparmor.

  Ghloria 22:40 10 May 2003

I was begining to wonder the same as Mike. I am currently at the "housecall" site. I'll come back to the forum with the result.


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