suse 9.1 pro problem help please

  dazzling (work) 22:35 18 Nov 2004

i need a lot of help on this one.ive just installed suse 9.1 ive never used it before so treat me like a 4 year problem is ineed to install a driver for my sagem fast 800 usb modem i have found a posting from a thread which tells you how to do it but i dont uderstand it can somebody explain the following
Hi JeTa,

Congratulations with your working adsl modem!
I haven't succeded, trying for more than a week now.

My sagem 800 usb modem did't work with the eagle-usb drivers.
Maybe you can give me a "short' rapport of your 'struggle'
That would be nice eh?

Well anyway, is your problem fixed already?
If not read this, as i understand this maybe your problem, and try it out.
Specific the bottom lines.

To connect a Suse 9.1 (Kernel 2.6) machine via a Sagem Fast800? E2T to a UK-ADSL network with Tiscali as provider.

See the detailed instructions below.

Especially note steps 4 and 8 which were unexpected.

0. Install development packages (via Yast)
- kernel-sources
- gcc (C-Compiler)
- cpp
- libgcc (C-Bibliotheken)
- eazy (SUSE Compatibilty Links)
- lsb (Standard Base Tools)
- bison (C Parser Generator)
- libusb (USB-Bibliotheken)
- usbutils
- make
- ncurses
- ncurses - devel (kernel-menuconfig)

1. Start a root console

2. Preparing the kernel-sources: The sources must belong to the installed kernel.

cd /usr/src/linux
Save an old config if exists:

mv .config .config.old
Type "uname -r" to find out the version of the installed kernel and copy the respective file from "/boot/config*" to "/usr/src/linux/.config".

cp /boot/config-`uname -r` /usr/src/linux/.config

make menuconfig
and exit with saving.

3. Prepare the eagle-usb-driver
Download: eagle-usb-1.9.8.tar.bz2 from SourceForge download area (you may take latest version and adapt)
Unpack it somewhere: e.g. into /opt

cd /opt
tar xvfj eagle-usb-1.9.8.tar.bz2
cd /opt/eagle-usb-1.9.8
If no configure-file exists run

Then a configure-file should exist. Run

./configure --prefix=/usr

4. Normally you would proceed with "make" etc. but I had the problem that after completing the installation my modem seemed to be too new:
The modem wouldn't become operational, after waiting and when typing "eaglectrl -p" something like this would appear:

Post-firmware device on USB bus 4 (type=POTS)

The solution for this was to use the original *.bnm-files from the Tiscali-Windows-Installation-CD instead of the *.bnm-files in the eagle-usb-1.9.8-package:
The directory /media/cdrecorder/ASSETS/Sagem/L1/IDMA contains the files:

Copy them to /opt/eagle-usb-1.9.8/driver/firmware/sagem/pots and /opt/eagle-usb-1.9.8/driver/firmware/usr/pots and also rename them from uppercase to lowercase letters e.g.:

cp /media/cdrecorder/ASSETS/Sagem/L1/IDMA/RTBLDEP0.BNM /opt/eagle-usb-1.9.8/driver/firmware/sagem/pots/rtbldep0.bnm
etc. (for files 0...4)

Note you may use this alternate method :
dowload latest windows drivers from sagem click here

cd /opt/eagle-usb-1.9.8/
unzip $(DIR_DL)/ # where DIR_DL is the directory where you downloaded
cp W.2.0.31_fr/L1/IDMA/rtbldep*.bnm driver/firmware/sagem/pots
cp W.2.0.31_fr/L1/IDMA/rtbldei*.bnm driver/firmware/sagem/isdn

Those .bnm work with E2L modem and work with Fast 800 WA (wanadoo origin) and Fast 908
I don't know the difference from E2T to E2L but I suspect T mind Tiscaly, for L, I don't know.

Do you know if those bnm work with E2T modems?

5. Now it's finally time for make:

make install

6. Configuring the ADSL-connection:

Some questions about country, username, password and when to launch the ADSL-connection will be asked now.

When everything works then text similar to this will appear:

Loading DSP & options... [ OK ]
Waiting for modem to be operational... [ OK ]
Configuration successful.
You can now type "startadsl" to launch the connection.

7. Now run "startadsl" and try to access the internet via konqueror or similar.
8. After restarting the computer neither eagleconfig nor startdsl worked anymore. The problem seemed to be that the DSP-code wasn't reinitialised.
My solution was to change line 59 in /usr/sbin/eagleconfig to

which forces the DSP-reinitialisation with every launch of eagleconfig.
Then "startadsl" works again.

9. The connection can finally be terminated with "stopadsl".

i know how to install the development packages in yast but were do i start a root console and all the rest sorry for being thick.darren

  keverne 22:58 18 Nov 2004

Best to ask here click here

  dazzling (work) 22:27 20 Nov 2004

no joy there either.darren

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