Surround Sound Question

  BeeWee 22:03 19 May 2003

I have via ac 97 enhanced audio (integrated 3d stereo and active speakers) lots of music to listen to and dvd's to watch. i would like to have surround sound. could anyone recommend a good system? thanks

  Lú-tzé 23:06 19 May 2003

Depends on your budget:

1 - cheap (but good) Sound blaster live (about £20) and Video logic zxr 500 speakers (about £60)

2 - sort of cheap: Soundblaster Audigy (or version 2 if you can afford it) and the above speakers again.

Other spekaers are available at higher cost.

  crx1600 23:17 19 May 2003

ZXR500 speakers for £35. click here= got to be worth a look.

  BeeWee 00:03 20 May 2003

thank you ...will check out those suggestions. i want something good ....really good ....and will splash out about £100 (well it IS my birthday.. and what's a girl to do?)

  BeeWee 09:16 20 May 2003

any other suggestions gratefully accepted

  BeeWee 12:30 20 May 2003


  maby66 13:30 20 May 2003

Soundblaster Live 5.1 is a good budget card - you cant go far wrong with it and it can be bought for £25 or less.

Soundblaster Audigy 1 can be got for less than £70 as the version 2 is out now - and thats around £80 (but you might get either for less if you look hard enough).

Between those three theres not really much else to add, as they are kind of the de-facto standard.

If you get an Audigy it might not leave you much to spend on speakers though, with your budget of £100 - and if you get a high quality soundcard why compromise it with cheaper speakers?

Having said that the ZXR500's have been reviewed well, and I think an upgraded version is now available (ZXR550?) but it all comes down to your budget - I have seen Creative 5.1 speaker sets at £54 for OEM(brown box) version - they too are good but take you over your budget.

I had a fixed budget for 5.1 soundcard and speakers - PCWorld sold me a Hercules Muse 5.1 DVD card bundled with Hercules 5.1 speaker set for £79.99 - I think they are still selling them.
The sound quality is good in games and pretty good in music - but not as good as an Audigy 2 and a £100 set of speakers - you gets what you pay for!

Try a couple of review sites like click here who do soundcard and speaker "shoot outs" for further info.

  hugh-265156 14:33 20 May 2003
  BeeWee 19:24 20 May 2003

thank you..i like the "sound" of those ideas!! now comes the stupid question....what happens to the sound card i already have? is it just a question of taking one out and putting another in?
i seem to remember that the person who built this pc saying something about "on board sound" which means nothing to me.

  maby66 19:41 20 May 2003

You will need to disable the onboard sound. If you dont you will get clashes which may cause the machine to act incorrectly.

When powering on the machine, hold down the ctrl key to enter BIOS settings.
In one of those menus (cant be accurate as each is different) you will find the option to disable on board sound.
Make the change, save your change and exit.

If you have problems, post back.

  BeeWee 19:54 20 May 2003

thank you! i haven't bought the stuff that i need yet so will leave this open until i try to install. undoubtedly i will need help.

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