Surge protector. Drops INTERNET connection rate do

  norman47 15:13 28 Mar 2004

I have just purchased a Belkin Surge pro. It is similar to this click here The modelF9T620uk2M is not listed on the belkin website.

I already had a fairly old surge protector but this did not cover the modem. So thought I would upgrade.

Now for the nitty gritty. The registered INTERNET connection speed drops from 45.2Kbps to 31.2Kbps when it is routed through the surge protector. Is this normal ( I doubt it ), do you think I have a duff one or do you think the readings may be wrong. The pages do seem to load reasonably well.

Win X\P pro, 2500+ Barton, 512 of 2700, 2 X 80 gig Maxtor's, dvd rom and dvdrw.

Thanks in advance.

  hoverman 15:31 28 Mar 2004

An engineer who carried out an on-site replacement recently advised me not to connect my modem through my Belkin Surge Master. He said the connection speed will certainly be affected.

  norman47 15:41 28 Mar 2004

Oh dear. This is something I didn't bargain for.

All I want to do it protect the computer via the modem side. I don't want a nice bolt of electricity travelling up the telephone wire, into the modem and then frying half of my computer. This has happened to 2 of my friends recently in our village.

  Proxy Worm 15:45 28 Mar 2004

Have you got a B.T line, if so you coukld phone up customer services or fault line and ask them to do a line health check or increase the gain of the line.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:54 28 Mar 2004

You would be wise checking the surge protector and make sure it is shielded for use with internet connetions phone lines, only some are and the unshielded ones make you lose connection speed and somtimes stop you connecting all together,if it isnt shielded you can either change it for one that is or just take the phone line out and use it just for the plugs and use the modem the normal way.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:58 28 Mar 2004


somtimes you can hear a buzzing sound on the unshileded ones when you are online or useing the modem,with sheilded ones you dont get the buzz.


  norman47 16:02 28 Mar 2004

Proxy Worm

Thanks for that and it is a BT line. The problem is that when the modem line is not routed through the surge protector, the connection speed is registered at 45.2Kbps. This is fine. Its only when I route it through the surge protector that registered rate drops to 31.2Kbps.


Now that's something I didn't think of. When I bought the protector. I thought 3 phone sockets, one in and two out would do me fine. I will check up on that. Thanks to both.

  norman47 16:13 28 Mar 2004

Absolutely no specifications or instructions in the box. Only a leaflet on how to claim if the device fails.

The box lists it as ( along with others ) telephone line protection.


it also lists it as

1)telephone\fax\modem protection- offers complete telephone line protection

2) phone\fax\modem line secondary fuses-provide protection against catastrophic surges and lightning strikes.

I would of thought that this would be suitable for a modem but I may have the wrong one.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 16:15 28 Mar 2004

Have you a model part no? can have a look up online?


  norman47 16:22 28 Mar 2004

Well this dipstick ( me ) has just thought look at the argos website were you bought it.:-)

This is the item click here

It does say phone \ modem \ fax protection.

The strange thing is neither google or the site brought up any thing on the model number. modelF9T620uk2M

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 16:38 28 Mar 2004

No i cant find it on the Belkin site either i did find loads of surge protectors but not that model does sound like it should work with a modem as well.


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