surge protector

  pat2068 01:27 29 Aug 2003

can anyone tell me where i can get a surge protector at a resonable price thanks mary

  pat2068 02:12 29 Aug 2003


  Djohn 02:24 29 Aug 2003

Good old B&Q do them at a reasonable price, with warranty for equipment as well. j.

  tbh72 02:37 29 Aug 2003

Good advise there Djohn. How the devil are you? We never did get around to arranging that get together!!! May'be a little later in the year, thing's are mega hectic at the moment I'm not sure if i'm coming or going.

Just wanted you to know you & your family have been in my thought's what with recent events.

Take Care

  whybe 02:42 29 Aug 2003

tbh72 you'll have us all wondering now! Mary, I recently got one from Argos, they have them from about £7-8 upwards. Mine is a Belkin one at about £25 switched and telecom protection and connected equipment warranty.

  Djohn 02:49 29 Aug 2003

Morning Tony, Yep girls, Tony lives just down the road from me, along with several other forum members. We arranged a coffee morning with bacon butty's, but I was taken ill at the last moment. Feeling fine now though, get in touch with Peter and arrange, he was asking the same only this morning! :o)

  tbh72 02:51 29 Aug 2003

We recently had a thunderstorm & as my pc runs my security cameras it's on 24/7..... There was a huge flash & bang over the back of the house & the computer turned itself straight off!!! Needless to say I was extremely concerned about turning it back on again for worry about what damage had been done. Thankfully it would seem the surge protector done it's job & damage on this occassion was 0%. I keep meaning to upgrade my surge protection to a belkin unit, but for now I'll have to stick with this old "Permaplug".

  accord 06:44 29 Aug 2003

I got both of mine from PC world and QVC click here Ineeded 2 coz i got so many plugs for this that and the other. I wouldnt run my pc without them.

  accord 06:47 29 Aug 2003

ps....taken from QVC

Belkin 8 Socket Surge,Spike & Lightning Surge Protector
Item Number 419537
Price £24.77
UK Postage & Packaging £4.45

  Tog 07:22 29 Aug 2003

Belkin Surge Socket plus telephone protection £12.98 exc VAT & postage. RS part number 451-5685

rsclick here

  Tog 07:26 29 Aug 2003

4 surge skts. + Tel. 2m RS part number 451-5641 £19.99 exc VAT and postage.

The web site link doesn't convert to a "click here" but it's rswww dot com

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