or admin account?

  romanab 14:36 22 Feb 2004

I have read many times(most recently pc advisor)that you should only go online with a limited account(xp).If I have a good av and fw is this necessary? Do other members only use limited accounts,or(like me)do you just use your main admin account.I would be gratefull for your thoughts.........cheers

  powerless 14:41 22 Feb 2004

AV, Admin, Surfing...

  romanab 15:00 22 Feb 2004

I apologise if I have not used the correct words.For admin I mean an administrator account on xp(although I suspect you knew this)as opposed to a limited account,as you can tell I know very little about computers and less about the jargon so again I apologise for using the terms"surfing"and"Av"I just thought someone would know what I meant

  Paranoid Android 15:16 22 Feb 2004

General security advice seems to be to use a Power User account for general work and to log on as an administrator when required.


  romanab 18:57 22 Feb 2004

Thanks Marvin,I asume by power user account you mean limited account,so I shall heed this advice..............cheers

  bremner 19:06 22 Feb 2004

I have been using XP since it was launched with Computer Administrator status (not to be confused with Administrator)

romanab are you saying that their exists advice that I would be safer accessing the internet on a Limited user account?

If this is the case can you post a link to such advice as I would be keen to read and understand the rationale behind this.

  romanab 20:13 22 Feb 2004

I have most recently read it in pc advisor,spring edition,in the helpline section under security.I think the reason for this is that limited accounts do not have full access to your os and as such niether do worms and trojans.I believe limited account holders cannot download and install programmes either,thus making it less likely that you may catch a nasty.The downside is,as Marvin points out,you will need to log on as an administrator to carry out some tasks,such as installing progs.I

  powerless 20:20 22 Feb 2004


Admin = Administrator as seen on the User accounts [errr i just shortened it]

Since i started using XP i've always ran on ADMIN, As i am the only one of the computer i know whats going on and can control me PC.

AV etc...

By all mean run as a limited, you'll see no difference.

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