surfing problems...

  pgj 11:08 05 Sep 2009

I am having connection problems with 2 sites. Yahoo mail and facebook.

With yahoo mail I can connect to the site and do 1 or 2 operations (like open or delete an item), after this the site either stops responding or the page just goes white. I have deleted all catch and tem files without reward.

Facebook allows me to see the sign in page but once I have completed my details and entered I get a white screen. It will eventually connect but it can take up to an hour.

The yahoo problem has been going for about 6 weeks the facebook one only a few days.

I do not have these problems at home on the desk top... only when using my 3 mobile with my laptop.

I use many other sites without a problem.

Any ideas?


  K9 17:05 05 Sep 2009


Does the same happen if you use your laptop with the same connection as your desktop?

  pgj 21:08 05 Sep 2009

Just tested this and yes is the answer...

So what's going on with my laptop? I'm running vista home basic.

  K9 08:56 06 Sep 2009

That would seem to rule out a problem with the mobile connection then. I would try another browser like Firefox or Safari and see if it still does the same, may be down to some browser setting.

  pgj 09:20 06 Sep 2009

Thanks K9

Would anyone be able to help if it is browser settings?

I'm using Internet Explorer and would like to stay with that if possible.

Regards Gemma

  K9 17:47 06 Sep 2009

Hi Gemma

Try comparing the settings in Internet Explorer between your desktop and laptop, you'll find them in the Tools/Internet Options menu. In particular check settings under the Security and Advanced tabs of the window that comes up.

  Terry Brown 20:58 08 Sep 2009

Is the phishing control activated?, as that sends most pages to microsoft for 'checking' and then back to you,

This normally shows as a small box with green bars at the bottom of the page, if this is the case you can turn it off, and just select it for sites you do not trust.

You rely on your own judgement, not microsoft's

If the microsoft system is busy, you will get a long delay.


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