1x11456 12:58 16 Dec 2003

i have a program to download and it will take 7 hours+ i dont want to be stuck on the download page for that long could i still surf the net while downloading the prog without anything happening to the download. thanks
ps i will not be downloading anything else while the download is running.

  MAJ 13:05 16 Dec 2003

Yes you can surf other sites at the same time as downloading, but if you're connection is a 56k dialup connection then surfing is going to be painfully slow.

  MAJ 13:09 16 Dec 2003

Don't forget, 1x11456, if your connection is 56k connection and your ISP has a 2-hr cut-off limit, you're going to need to use a download manager (if the download site supports it).

  Jester2K II 13:29 16 Dec 2003

Use a download manager like fresh Download click here to break up the download time.

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