Supply of Windows disc with new PC?

  Meshuga 15:24 03 Jul 2007

I have just purchased a "new Base Unit only" PC from a local PC shop. I had the choice of Windows Vista or XP Home being installed. I chose XP Home and told them that I wanted a windows disc with it. I was told that I could have one. I collected the PC but was told that they didn`t have a disc but would get one from their other shop in a nearby town. Since then I have called in to the shop a couple of times, only to be told that the copies of the discs they had made were corrupt and they would do some more and let me have one. So far NOTHING. What is the true situation, legal or moral,do I have a right to a disc with a new machine. Do I have to actually Pay for a disc to get one. There is no mention on the invoice of itemised parts to be paid for,just a standard charge for a base unit with the OS of your choice. Your Opinions welcomed please.

  HCOOH 15:31 03 Jul 2007

Do you have a recovery partition with or without the option to make a recovery set of your own.

  Totally-braindead 15:33 03 Jul 2007

It comes down to costs I think. If you paid for a PC with a windows disk then you should have been charged more as Microsoft would charge them more.
It depends if you paid for it. And the copy you should get should be a proper Microsoft disk if you paid for it not a copy made on a PC.
If theres no mention of an OS disk then I think the price you have paid is for windows preinstalled and thats all. They might have agreed verbally to give you a OS disk but if they haven't charged you for it I can't see what you can do.
On the plus side you can use a copy of an XP Home disk or even someone elses XP Home disk as long as you use your serial number.
I assume the XP Home is genuine and somes with a valid serial number and you can download the Mirosoft updates IE it passes validation.

  Totally-braindead 15:34 03 Jul 2007

Never thought of the partition, there might be a partition and you can make your own disk.

  Meshuga 15:39 03 Jul 2007

HCOOH, No, there is no partition. Thanks for replying.

  ventanas 15:40 03 Jul 2007

The whole thing sounds a bit dodgy to me. You refer to "the discs they had made." Does this mean they are making multiple copies of the same copy of XP. If I were you I would use something like Belarc to ascertain your licence key, and then ring Microsoft to find out if it's legal.

If the shop you got the gear from are not Microsoft registered system builders they cannot sell you OEM. Look for the appropriate logo in a window. Was XP already activated when you got the PC, and if so how. It's only the large vendors that usually get this privilege. There are a lot of questions that need asking here.

Finally your invoice states the items included an OS. This would have to be provided legally. If the shop cannot supply OEM then it would have to be a retail version, which would not be cheap.

  Meshuga 15:55 03 Jul 2007

Totally-braindead, I paid for the base unit with preinstalled Win XP home, I was not charged separately for a disc therefore am not sure whether a disc should be provided, hence my posting. There is the usual stickon label on the case with the product key numbers on it so I assume it it is genuine. They have assured me that it has been validated and all updates on.
I havent had a chance to connect the pc to my system yet but will check that out. I just wanted to know my rights before bringing up the heavy guns. Looks like I can`t insist on one unless I buy it. I do have a disc from my other pc so, as you said, I could use that if necessary as I have the key. Many thanks for your reply.

  Totally-braindead 16:03 03 Jul 2007

As long as your other other disk is XP Home and you use the product key on your new PC it will be fine, but if your other disk is for XP Pro or XP Media Centre it will fail.
Hope you follow what I mean, it can be any XP Home disk for reinstallation but it must be Home.

  Meshuga 16:16 03 Jul 2007

Thanks again Totally-braindead, yes, I actually have 2 discs from my other PCs and they are XP Home SP2 so as I have the product key number label I should be OK.

  Meshuga 16:22 03 Jul 2007

ventanas, I will have to get the PC set up and running and then dowload Belarc and check out the product key on that and see that it matches the one on the label. The label says OEM. From what I can gather, if a customer wants a disc they will burn one for you without charge.

  Meshuga 16:23 03 Jul 2007

ventanas, sorry, didn`t say thanks for replying.

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