Supplier of I/O connector for ATX case ?

  TonyM 07:59 28 Feb 2003

I have a perfectly good ATX case, but the I/O plate on the back (where the connectors are) doesn't have holes for any on board sound connections - which my new motherboard needs ...

Anyone know of a supplier of a suitable plate I can fit into my existing case - or do I really have to replace the whole thing ?

  DieSse 09:22 28 Feb 2003

Go and talk nicely to a local computer shop - they ususlly have piles of excess ones (they often come with motherboards, but not always).

  TonyM 17:43 28 Feb 2003

That was my thought as well - I haven't found anyone who sells them , and as I recently bought a new PSU I don't really want to shell out on a whole new case - I'll try my local repair shop tomorrow

  TonyM 23:07 02 Mar 2003

My local repair shop managed to dig out the part I needed - Free of Charge !
Managed to slice my finger open on the edge of the connector on the way home from the shop - still that's another story !!!!

  DieSse 23:53 02 Mar 2003

Be careful you don't slice your finger open on the sharp edges of the I/O panel

Oh - sorry too late


Glad they helped!

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