Superbudget PC for less than £400

  Poloman69™ 23:07 29 Oct 2005

My sister has asked me to ask what is the best spec (and future proof for at least 2yrs) for her husband.

The silly thing is, is that it will only be used for playing Championship Manager Games, Email and slight office use, as well as doing some amateur photo work (using Photoshop Elements)

I have found some ok spec's but wanted to get a second opinion.

Spec's found

AMD Athlon 64 3000 (Asus Motherboard)
512mb PC3200 4ooMhz DDR RAM
160Gig SATA Hard Drive
128mb GeForce FX5500 AGP Card
16x DF/DL DVD Drive

Cost £410

Thought about Using Sempron chips, but don't really know what they're like (other than they're like the Celerons - cut down versions)

Can anyone show us a spec that'd be good for them.

I can't justify them spending alot of money and i know the current spec isn't future proof, but for what they'll be using it for seems fine to me - Vista won't be an issue as they're still using ME, so will have to include XP Home (no need for them to have Pro) as it won't really be used much.

Any help would be great....

  Skills 23:42 29 Oct 2005

How about this novatech mobo bundle amd 64 3400+, mobo foxconn one and 512Ram DDR400 at £200 click here

Heres the mobos specs click here

200gig Seagate baracuda SATA hard drive £72 click here

Say about £30 for a dvd writer of your choice which leaves you with about a £100, will you be needing a case as well or can you just put that £100 to a graphics card. If thats the case you could get a gainwood 6600GT 128MB from ebuyer in AGP form for £105 click here

  sidecar sid 23:46 29 Oct 2005
  ahales42 23:50 29 Oct 2005

that system will do you proud for the next 2 years. in fact it is probably overpowered for what they intend to use it for.

  Skills 23:56 29 Oct 2005

I did think the graphics card I suggested would be a bit overkill for the requirements but it will last them the 2yrs.

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