Superantispyware found threats that Malwarebytes didn't

  thumbscrew 22:54 12 Mar 2015

I've had MWB on my machine for several years and it's found minor threats in that time, most scans it comes up with nothing. Today I loaded SAS, scanned and it found 72 threats. Earlier this afternoon I scanned with MWB and it found nothing. Zero to 72, can't be right surely? Anyone got any reactions?

  tullie 23:49 12 Mar 2015

Superantispyware classes cookies as threats,maybe thats why?

  wee eddie 01:36 13 Mar 2015

I feel that I am stating the obvious. Each of the free programs has its limitations which is why, in every conversation about Anti Malwear Programs, you will hear people saying that they ran X and then Y, then possibly Z.

  john bunyan 09:19 13 Mar 2015

I have the pro version of Malawarebytes but SAS regularly finds "adaware" cookies. I think you need both.

  john bunyan 09:38 13 Mar 2015

Just checked - (Malawarebytes Pro scans automatically daily) and SAS found 17 Adaware tracking cookies since last scan 8 days ago, even though I have Spywareblaster and tracking protection...

  thumbscrew 10:07 13 Mar 2015

Thanks Jock, tullie, eddie and john, yep obviously tracking cookies. Guess the motto is buy the Pro version!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:43 13 Mar 2015

Guess the motto is buy the Pro version!

No, its clear your cache after each session. or use something like Ghostery to block the tracking cookies for each site.

  thumbscrew 18:53 13 Mar 2015

Thank you Fruit Bat...good advice.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:18 14 Mar 2015

Thumbscrew, regarding tracking cookies, if you set your browser to block third-party cookies then that'll stop most (if not all of them) from entering your computer in the first place. If you need instructions then post back which web browser you're using and its version number.

Regarding MBAM, it's anti-malware engine is the same in the free and pro versions so you won't detect any more threats by paying for it. MBAM free does scan for and remove rootkits and it can be enabled via Settings -> Detection and Protection. I did point this out to Jock just a few days ago but he seems to have forgotten already.

  thumbscrew 22:44 15 Mar 2015

Thank you Secret-Squirrel I'm on FF 36.0.01, but surely there are negatives to blocking tracking cookies?? Would you recommend enabling rootkits scanning? Apologies for delayed reply, but we don't get the email reminders about new posts anymore.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:15 16 Mar 2015

".... but surely there are negatives to blocking tracking cookies??"

No. The only negatives are for the tracking companies who won't be able to keep an eye on what you've been up to and where you've been ;)

Blocking "third-party" cookies means that only the main page you initially visited will be able to place a cookie and others from trackers and advertisers won't. Lots of people block "third-party" cookies without any ill effects and I've had my browsers configured that way for years and have never encountered any problems.:

Click the Menu button (with the three black lines top-right) -> Options -> "Privacy" tab. In the "History - Firefox will" section, select "Use Custom Settings for History", make sure the "Accept cookies" box is ticked then set "Accept third-party cookies" to "Never".

"...Would you recommend enabling rootkits scanning?"

If you've got a new PC that came with Windows 8/8.1 then you don't need to bother, otherwise, yes. The MBAM scan will take a bit longer though.

"Apologies for delayed reply, but we don't get the email reminders about new posts anymore."

I get them, but they're sporadic. It must be embarrassing for a tech company who can't get a simple thing like email notifications to work properly ;

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