peg 17:36 10 May 2008

downloaed it running it now on desktop pc 5 hours 20 mins and still going has it taken this long for anybody else /

  mrwoowoo 17:37 10 May 2008

It can do yes.
Depends on your cpu and the size of your hard drive.

  bluto1 17:39 10 May 2008

The most it's ever taken for me is 1 hour 20min.
Is it still actually running? or has it frozen?

  peg 17:43 10 May 2008

so long as it,s not just me then, must be good it,s found 4 spyware that spybot and adware missed
thanks mrwoowoo

  wee eddie 18:05 10 May 2008

How much is there on your Hard Drive? How many GBs, roughly?

Are you using the PC while SAS is Running?

  peg 18:16 10 May 2008

190gb and no have left pc to get on with it.
it,s now 6 hours and counting. it has spent hours on c:\system volume information\_restore.

  MeandHer 18:32 10 May 2008

Read this thread on the SuperAntiSpyware Forum.
I had this problem.
I uninstalled and then reinstalled the download recommended in the thread by the Spyware Admin.
Everything ok now.
click here

  Snec 18:33 10 May 2008

With two drives at 250GB and one at 500 mine only takes a bit more than an hour.

  Sea Urchin 18:41 10 May 2008

I've just scanned my 250GB drive with SuperA and it took 23 mins.

  peg 18:58 10 May 2008

will try that link when i get back on my pc thanks
still running 6 hours 45 mins but at least it,s moved off restore file, scanning windows now, the end may be is sight

  peg 20:30 10 May 2008

first scan time 7 hours 18 mins uninstalled and re-installed from link give by MeandHer re scaned 40 mins thats more like it.
thanks all

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