Tinker Bell 12:33 01 May 2008

Hey guys

I've just updated "Superantispyware", on completeion of the update, my system crashed.

I've uninstalled, and reinstalled and the same thing happened.

Any tips guys?

  Stuartli 12:50 01 May 2008

Updated mine this morning without problems - try a System Restore to a known good configuration.

  cocteau48 12:54 01 May 2008

No problems here either.
For reference:
Program Version 4.0.1154
Definition Database:
Core 345
Trace 1443

  Tinker Bell 13:25 01 May 2008

Thanks for that guys, tbh, I've never been able to install superantispyware, I wonder if it's conflicting with something, I don't have any other spyware / malware installed, only McAfee, and CC.

  Tinker Bell 13:28 01 May 2008


I've just checked, and mine is the same details as your re version etc, etc.

  Stuartli 14:55 01 May 2008

So why, precisely, were you trying to update it?

I regard updates as the regular, virtually daily, updating of the database...:-)

  Tinker Bell 16:03 01 May 2008


This thread is a follow onto from this: click here

I've tried to install superantispyware but no luck, when I mentioned the updates, that's what comes up once I've installed it, i.e "Check for updates"

  Andsome 16:09 01 May 2008

No problems here, it is one of the best as far as I'm concerned

  cocteau48 16:22 01 May 2008

"I've tried to install superantispyware but no luck"
"that's what comes up once I've installed it"

There is something of a contradiction between these two statements!

  Tinker Bell 16:30 01 May 2008


OK. when I install superantispyware, it installs OK.

Then I get a pop up "Check for updates" updates install OK.

Then when I click scan - my comp crashes.

  mfletch 17:19 01 May 2008

This is a known ongoing problem with SAS

Open SAS click preferences click scanning control

Untick use direct kernel file
and use kernel direct disc plus direct registry

It should scan OK now,


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