Super antispyware troubles

  hiwatt 11:44 18 Mar 2008

Hi folks,last night I opened super anti spyware it said there was an update to make uninstalling easier?I downloaded it then ran my scan.During the scan I heard a loud click and my computer shut down with an error(blue screen)When I rebooted it said there was no hardrive connected.I thought it had had it.After opening it up and checking for loose wires it eventually rebooted.I uninstalled super antispyware via add/remove programs but it's still showing in all programs and I can run it.But it's not in add/remove programs.Any ideas folks?Thanks.

  Jak_1 12:10 18 Mar 2008

Seems that quite a few people are experiencing problems with Super antispyware. I had the same problems as you did, except that instead of no hdd, my ext drives would not show and 50% of shortcuts on the desktop had gone. Then during a scan the pc froze and required a re-boot, on re-boot all my settings had changed, nor could I connect to the internet and my encryption program would not open and my half the programs and data files appeared to be missing from all my drives!It took 3 attempts to do a system restore but that solved nothing nor could I re-establish an internet connection. It took a destructive re-format and re-install of windows to get back online. Fortunately most of the data I had lost had been backed up to dvd's and I had all programs ready for re-install with the exception of the encryption program.
Once back online I was able regain my encryption from an online source and open my encrypted volumes though they too had been decimated! Again I could recoup most of the data from online sources but will take me some time.
My suspicions say either it was a virus that was not picked up by AVG or that Super Antispy was at fault, leanings are towards the latter and have not re-installed that prog and have had no problems since. I know that many are running the program without these problems but it does seem that it is causing others big headaches!

  sunny staines 13:36 18 Mar 2008

i did the download too,have not scanned yet.i will wait till see if the majority are ok or if they have problems too. i might even delete and reinstall SAS with the update to be safe.

  hiwatt 13:49 18 Mar 2008

I'd actually like to uninstall it but cant.I done it via add\remove programs but it's still there.Does anyone think it will be ok to re download it over the top of the one curently installed then try to uninstall it again?

  hiwatt 14:01 18 Mar 2008

I downloaded the program again and then uninstalled it.I'll leave this program alone for now.I really thought my hardrive was finished.For ages it wouldn't boot,even in safe mode saying there was no hardrive detected.All ok for now though.Fingers crossed.

  sunny staines 14:01 18 Mar 2008

have you tried uninstall with ccleaner.

  hiwatt 14:04 18 Mar 2008

Yes I tried that.It wasn't listed there either.I've uninstalled now though by reinstalling/repair then uninstalling it.Thanks.

  provider 2 16:54 18 Mar 2008

Is there any further news on this problem?

I too downloaded this update in response to the notification but have not run it yet.

As far as I can see it`s not mentioned in the SuperAntispyware forums and Googling came up with only this PC Advisor reference.

  sunny staines 21:02 18 Mar 2008

does not look like anyone else had a problem. otherwise this thread would be quiet long by now.

  MeandHer 22:06 18 Mar 2008

sunny staines
Mine would not update.
Uninstalled it then reinstalled it and all the updates were on
Shall have to wait now for further updates to see if they load.

  SB23 22:19 18 Mar 2008

I updated yesterday, but have had not any problems.
I ran a scan after the update, and all seemed fine.

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