Super Antispyware.

  Robotic_Rob 05:05 24 Dec 2007


Today Ive been a bit of a naughty boy and a result of this ive ended up getting loads of trojans and malware virus. In a search to find out how to get rid of the ones that have showed up on the screen i found Super Antispyware. Super Antispyware has been able to find trojans malwares and adwares that Ad-Aware and AVG havnt been able to find. I will admit that Ad-Aware did find 4 trojans and malwares but Super Antispyware has found 133. So i just wanted to post this to recommend this software.

  Robotic_Rob 05:21 24 Dec 2007

I stand corrected. Its actually found 231. But i cant use task manager and i cant shut down via the start menu. I dont know whether this is the program or the virus's.

  tullie 06:21 24 Dec 2007

Everyones got their antispyware favourites,Superantispyware is one that we are all aware off.It will pick up malware that others dont,there are others that pick up stuff that Superantispyware doesent,its all a matter of choice really.Thats why we like to have two or three installed.Try Spybot S&D and CCleaner also.

  rdave13 09:44 24 Dec 2007

Possibly the trojans have damaged some system files. Try sfc /scannow, click here .You'll need your xp disc. Note space between 'c' and '/'.

  Stuartli 09:56 24 Dec 2007

SUPERAntispyware is, as tullie points out, a favourite of many forum members and is very efficient.

But you do need to check daily for updates as with many similar freeware utilities.

  Robotic_Rob 18:01 24 Dec 2007

When ive searched this forum in the past ive never seen anyone suggest Super Antispyware, thats why i recommended it.

Personally i dont like any cache cleaners as i seem to always forget at least one password to a website and have to create a new account. I never fill in the security questions correctly on these websites you see.

I think it has damaged and altered system files. I cant go on the internet properly. I can only go to a website if i know the exact address because it doesnt like me going through links. Im just glad this happened on my gaming hdd and not my proper hdd thats got all the important stuff on.

Looks like im going to have some fun for the next few hours re-installing windows and all of my games. Yay!

  bluto1 19:29 24 Dec 2007

Have you considered a system Restore?

  rdave13 20:10 24 Dec 2007

Doubt very much it's superantispyware that's damaged your system files, more like the malware. Used the free version for a while and bought the pro version. Has been on my xp pc some time and it's a good product in my opinion.
Have you tried the scannow? If all the malware has been deleted then try bluto1's suggestion of sys restore.
Your reaction reminds me of having a gut ache and blaming the last thing you've eaten. :)

  Robotic_Rob 20:56 24 Dec 2007

Lol, i did say the virus or the program, so you know :D

Those trojans were nasty, after i tried a few things i soon realised it screwed my system up quite well. Like my floppy disk drive was trying to read/write every second and i never told it to.

I dont like system restores i think they are a bag of poo just like degragmenting hdd's.

Ive just re-installed windows. One problem though, I cant remember where i found my webcam and my 1394 ethernet drivers. Im struggling to find these two drivers. To find the drivers ive done something like this for both of them. I have a logitech webcam, so i searched the logitech website. Ive downloaded the driver for the webcam that i thought mine looked the most like and its not it.

I remember once finding a website where it will search your computer's drivers. If a driver is missing or they is an updated driver, it would tell you and suggest a place to download it from.

By any chance do any of you people know of a website or a program that does that?

  Stuartli 21:01 24 Dec 2007

>>When ive searched this forum in the past ive never seen anyone suggest Super Antispyware, thats why i recommended it.>>

A brief Search found 100 threads mentioning SUPERAntispyware...:-)

click here

  Robotic_Rob 21:08 24 Dec 2007

Trust that there is always one. I didnt mean an actual search like that. I meant when ive looked at topics on the day when ive visited the forum.

Doesnt matter, ive found a program to search for the drivers.

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