super anti-spyware

  osben 17:11 08 Oct 2008


I recently installed a trial copy of the above and now that the trial has come to an end, I want to get rid of it. The reason is because it did not find things that AVG anti-spyware found.

I deleted the programme using "add/remove" but I find that it is still active. Nothing has been deleted apart from the entry in "add/remove"

Before I regret doing something else, can anyone tell me how to get rid of this program in its entirety.


  Pineman100 17:14 08 Oct 2008

Ccleaner should clean it out for you.

click here

  osben 17:17 08 Oct 2008

Hi Pineman100

That was quick. Thanks for your reply

I use that but is hasn't cleaned it out.


  rdave13 17:24 08 Oct 2008

Try reinstalling it. Once it's running then right click the icon in notification area and click 'exit'. Now go to add/remove and uninstall it.

  Condom 17:26 08 Oct 2008

Use Revo Uninstaller and it will clear it out and take care of all the left behind registry entries as well. I took SAS off my PC some time ago because it always froze my PC half way through. PS It is free and there was an update a day or two ago.

  mfletch 17:27 08 Oct 2008

There is a uninstall tool for SAS

click here

  cowgirl66 17:31 08 Oct 2008

I had Super AntiSpyware and followed their intructions to get rid of it - which was to do exactly as you have done using the Add/Remove tool. I found - like you - that Super AntiSpyware was still on my desktop and still in my Programs menu, and there was still an empty Super AntiSpyware folder in my Program Files.

I have now manually deleted all of these entries and left it at that. No doubt it is still in the registry but that's for a registry cleaner to sort out.

  Pineman100 18:15 08 Oct 2008

mfletch's solution is the best route.

  cowgirl66 18:25 08 Oct 2008

I agree, Pineman! I have now used this tool and it cleared out the remnants. Cheers mfletch!

Regards cowgirl66

  Stuartli 18:38 08 Oct 2008

If you are talking about SUPERAntispyware, I find it brings up more than, in my case, Ad-Aware and even SpyBot (S and D) over a period of time.

However, there are updates daily (except for Sundays it seems), so you need to keep on top of this aspect by doing it manually.

  Fingees 18:52 08 Oct 2008

You can use a free version as I do.

I find it first class

click here

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