Daz35 13:57 27 May 2004

Since installing a new drive and setting up separate user accounts on XP, when you log off the limited accounts, I get the shut down program dialogue box with the above message in it.

Anyone seen this before or know what it is?

  hugh-265156 16:21 27 May 2004

this is what notifyicondata is click here what sunkist is im not sure.

have you run an up to date AV and spyware checker just in case?

what programs are loaded at start up with windows? check in start/run and type msconfig and click the start up tab to find out.anything related to Sunkist(shwicon98.exe)here and untick it maybe. click here says its 'Card reader for memory cards from digital cameras, etc'

  Daz35 16:58 27 May 2004

Are you going to be answering all my questions!!
It's like having my own personal I.T assistant - not complaining though!

I have run ad-aware and spybot - nothing doing.

Didn't understand the first link, far too complicated!

I checked msconfig and it is my memory card reader, which is built in.

I've unchecked it now, so hopefully that'll solve it.

Thanks for youe advice again............

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