Sunbelt Personal Firewall! Help setting up required

  six-h 18:06 19 Feb 2008

I have done something I swore that I'd never do.
Installed one piece of software immediately after an other, (well almost) before finding if the first was having any adverse effects!

Culprits: Latest Spybot S&D,(with teatimer)foisted upon me when trying to update version 1.4.something!
Maybe I should have uninstalled this first, but the way it presented as an update, then from that opened the install wizard caught me off guard!
Anyway, that seemed OK, slowed my browser down a bit, and I can always turn it off.

Earlier that evening, I had decided to switch from the windows firewall to the Sunbelt one.
During the first 4 hours, it disconnected G-mail 2161 times!
I seem to have fixed this by entering the address in the "Site Exceptions"
No such luck with my cousin's blog though.
I'm no longer permitted to view the pictures she posts there!
Entering her blog address as I did with G-mail, does not alter things.
I'm told "Ad blocked here by SPF." when I click on the red X's
This is driving me mad, can anyone talk me through the set up?

  six-h 21:08 19 Feb 2008

I'm surprised no one else uses it...then again, no, I'm not!

  beynac 22:26 19 Feb 2008

It's the ad-blocker that's doing it. The easiest way to stop it is to disable this feature. Click on the "Web" button and then the "Ad blocking" tab. Untick "Block advertisements".

The alternative is to edit the settings for the ad-blocker. To do this click on the "Set..." button on the Ad blocking tab, find the item that's blocking your cousin's blog pictures.

I use the paid-for version of Sunbelt but I disabled this feature. IMHO it's a clumsy way of blocking adverts and there are much better alternatives (eg AdblockPlus add-on for Firefox).

I recommend that you persevere with Sunbelt. Once it is set up, it works well and doesn't intrude.

  Hillwood 22:34 19 Feb 2008

Don't use it but perhaps this will help. Failing that, why not contact their support team.

Open your Sunbelt Personal Firewall and click on the Network Security tab. At the bottom of the Applications list you will see the item “Any other application”. This item will decide how each program not already in the list will be handled.

If you were to install a new program that needed certain permissions by the firewall, it would first check with these rules shown to the right. You can simply left click on each X, Checkmark, or ? and change what you want the setting to be.

Changing the settings to Permit (green check mark) will always allow the program to always connect in or out (to the internet, etc).
Changing to Deny (X) will block the program from sending or receiving information.
Selecting Ask (?) will tell SPF to bring up a window you asking if you'd like to allow the program to send or receive information when it tries to connect.

After making your changes, Left Click on Apply and then Left Click on OK.

Note that changing this item will have no effect on the programs already in the Applications list.

  six-h 23:08 19 Feb 2008

beynac,hello there!
It was on your advice last August that I decided on this Firewall, I'm just getting round to setting it up. lol
I' in contact with their man in Florida!
He also advised un blocking Ad's (after several attempts)
strange though, I've just re-visited the Ad blocking page , and Lo, its blocked again.
That may be my fault, 'cos "the man from Delmonte" gave me a link to a programme to re set the firewall to defaults, and I may not have remembered to re check the ad blocker.

Hillwood was spot on with the advice to set "any other applications" to ask, in all cases.
This was the first thing that the help desk instructed.
Seems to be a "learning mode",
however, since having it in this mode, I've only had 6 OE requests, and a flurry of requests from iTunes (because of an update download) but nothing else.
My g-mail connection is suffering the worst, it's up and down like a brides nightie without any warning messages at all.
I had solved this by adding the URL to the site exceptions, but Mr Delmonte said "No", and I'm back to the on/off situation.

  six-h 01:21 20 Feb 2008

The man from delmonte has asked me to do the following: -
go to Start then Run and type in winmsd Click OK. Now go to the File Menu and choose Save. Save this export to your desktop and call it system information

The problem is, my system seizes up at the very end of the report process, and has to be terminated by Task Mgr.

They then asked me to do the same in safe mode, and this also seized up at the same point.

I tried to send the corrupted files generated to them, and g-mail appears to attach them, but they are not sent.
Furthermore, using "Spellcheck" in g-mail brings up (not responding) in the Title bar of IE7.
however, a few firm clicks with the mouse and it eventually gets off its arse and works.

What is wrong with my system?
Why do these things always happen to me?

  six-h 16:15 20 Feb 2008

I've now got an outgoing connection alert sat on my screen, and scared to permit or deny, I keep shoving it around so that I can work!
Does anyone know what these details mean to help me make a decision?: -

[20/02/2008 15:04:47]

Direction: outgoing
Local Point:, port 2289
Adapter: Wireless Network Connection
Remote Point: [], port http [80]
Protocol: TCP

Application path:
File version:
Created: N/A
Modified: N/A
Accessed: N/A

RuleId = 268435477

  six-h 20:06 20 Feb 2008

Sunbelt are also stumped on this, in the permissions list, it just shows up as a Windows generic icon, with no file path what so ever!
Sunbelt recon it may be another security programme that's hiding it's identity.
Can't believe that, since my anti virus, and site advisor are both shown in full, and I dont have any others running, ....thinking about it,does spyware blaster run in the background?
That's the only other possibility, 'cos AdAware, and AVGAS are only run on demand.

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