Sunbelt firewall error BSOD

  ACOLYTE 06:01 22 Mar 2008

Every so often i get a error pop up saying cannot connect to service GUI,then i get a BSOD and windows starts a memory dump,i cant do anything but resart then,it is very annoying and i cannot find the reason for it,i have looked on the subelt site but i cant find much help there.
Anyone know or have an answer?.
If not i guess im un installing this and finding a more stable firewall.

  beynac 07:27 22 Mar 2008

Have you got the latest version (4.5.916.0)? I used to get the BSOD occasionally with the old version. Since the new version was installed, I still get the problem with the service (albeit less frequently) but it doesn't cause a BSOD. However, I still need to restart!

  johndrew 10:40 22 Mar 2008

I use 4.5.916.0 and get the BSOD message occasionally but when I check in `Security Center` Sunbelt is still loaded and functional. I find that going into `All Programs` and clicking on `Start Firewall` usually resolves the issue.

  ACOLYTE 14:00 22 Mar 2008

I'm glad its not just me that gets this error,and yes i have the same version 4.5.916.0,but the message does seem to be random and sometimes i can get it 2/3 times a day.Is there a fix or is a case of wait and see what sunbelt do to address it.

  tonyx1302 17:58 22 Mar 2008

Hi ACOLYTE. I have bumped your post as I also have the same error. Hopefully someone can suggest a fix or as you say, we will have to wait for a Sunbelt fix


  tonyx1302 18:04 22 Mar 2008

P.S. I have tried various other firewalls but have found none run in the background as well as Sunbelt.The error I get has only just started in the last few days and I am loathed to back to Z/A..Comondo etc. Let us know how you get on please.


  ACOLYTE 23:31 22 Mar 2008

I have emialed Sunbelt Support about this,have not got a reply yet when i do i will let you know.

  ACOLYTE 18:12 24 Mar 2008

I have recieved a very nice email from sunbelt with regardfs this error:

Thank you for contacting Sunbelt Software.

Most Anti-Vius software out now includes HIPS and that can cause a conflict with Sunbelt Personal Firewall HIPS. Use the following command to disable the Sunbelt Personal Firewall HIPS driver to resolve any such conflicts.

1. Go to Start -> Run; type cmd and press enter
2. At the command prompt, type the following and press enter:

sc config khips start= disabled
3. After seeing the SUCCESS message, restart the computer.

I have just dont this on my pc and am waiting to see if it indeed does help.
I hope it helps others too if they are having the same error.

  tonyx1302 19:35 24 Mar 2008

Hi ACOLYTE and many thanks for coming back with hopefully, the Sunbelt's error solution. I have done the same as you so will wait to see if it is successful. Fingers crossed and thanks again


  ACOLYTE 00:14 25 Mar 2008

Just an update,this fix did not work for me i still got the GUI service error that forced me to restart after pc locked up,so in light of this i have decided to uninstall this program and go back to what i had before,maybe when this program has become more stable and bug free it will be a nice edition to my pc,but untill then im going to leave alone.

Thank you for everyone who answered.

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