sunasDtserv.exe (sunbelt counterspy)

  bretsky 23:10 13 Jun 2005

Hi people, this file comes from the Sunbelt counterspy program(paid for version) and I have noticed in the task manager in the processes tab that this file seems to be consuming a large amount of memory and increasing, this morning it started at 9.5MB now it has risen to 19MB and rising, over the weekend it was at 167MB, only when I reboot the PC does it come down.

I'm apparently not the only one to have noticed this
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(second posting)
And I am still waiting to hear from Sunbelt tech support.

I have to say that I am not amused and of all my programs this is the largest amount of memory usage and even stranger it seems to be creeping the longer the PC is left switched on.

WinXP HE sp1
bretsky ;0)

  phono 23:40 13 Jun 2005

I've been using CounterSpy for quite a long time now without problems.

I suggest you check tour PC for Viral infections, if you installed CounterSpy after being infected I don't know how you expect it to work properly.

  bretsky 23:54 13 Jun 2005

"I suggest you check tour PC for Viral infections"

Without the risk of sounding stupid, could you explain please. Do you mean scan my PC with an AV or is "check tour PC" a setting within the counterspy program.

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 11:59 14 Jun 2005

Right then, I have just completed an online scan with Trendmicro housecall which showed up nothing, did a scan with Panda Titanium 2004 over the weekend and this updates virus signatures daily, once/twice a day, this showed up nothing, have done Spybot scan, nothing.

So something is a miss with the program, yes, I could understand if explorer.exe or windows.exe was massive and was escalating its memory usage which would suggest a bug or Trojan, but all the other processes are stable and relatively low in memory usage.

It is only this program (File) that is hogging my memory, which I installed last month.

I have emailed tech support and still waiting a reply, will give them a couple more days to respond,if not satisfied, the program gets uninstalled!

phono, as with all new software I install, before I proceed, my PC ALWAYS gets a scan for bugs and crap also a registry clean.

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 15:53 14 Jun 2005

Ok then, this is what I sent to their tech support.......

Hi team, in win XP Home Edition sp1, counterspy v1.0.29,
can you tell me why this process file "sunasDtserv.exe" is using 163,888Kb of memory usage, process priority is set
to normal.
I have 47 processes running and this program has by far the largest amount of memory usage, is this normal?
Your comments please.......................

And I have just received this reply from them.

Hi Bretsky,

Can you try install SP2 on your windows XP, it should resolve the issue.

Let me know how you get on.



bretsky ;0)

  phono 02:27 16 Jun 2005

Let us know how you get on.

  bretsky 11:42 16 Jun 2005

Still ongoing with their tech support, trying out some of their suggestions but I think at the end of the day it will get uninstalled because when machine is first booted up, memory usage is at a cool 6MB but as the day progresses it starts to escalate out of control and by the end of the week it's spiralled into oblivion (168MB).

But yes, I will let you know one way or the other, the outcome.

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 14:50 17 Jun 2005

Ah ha, so there is an issue then! got this email today from tech support.

Hi Bretsky,

for the time being, to resolve the issue I would either shut it down every day or restart their machine everyday, our developer team are aware of the issue, with new release it should resolve the problem.

We are close to getting our next version of CounterSpy, 1.5, completed. It has a lot of bug fixes and improvements, especially for Windows 98/ME. It is currently in public beta, meaning that it is still not 100% percent complete, and there might still be some bugs in the program. But if you would like to check out the improvements that have been made to the program, and to help us iron out any other bugs that the program might still have? You can join the Beta by sending an email to [email protected], with your first and last name, and your email address and place you would like to test the Counterspy Consumer beta in the email. The beta program is not supported through our regular support department, the support is handled through the forum (more info when you sign up), and possibly through email with the beta team in certain situations. I think you would be a good candidate to sign up for such a forum.



Sooo, will do what they have suggested(shutdown the program at the end of the day and resume it on the next) and wait till the new version comes out.

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 15:01 18 Jun 2005

Boy didn't realise just how fast my PC is WITHOUT this program running in the background, so I think that is the answer until they come up with a new version, is to shut the program down when not on the net and start it up as soon as I go on the net. Not an ideal solution, but there again we don't live in an ideal world.

So I will tick this as resolved now I know that it wasn't me with the problem.

bretsky ;0)

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