Sun StarOffice

  expertec 09:18 06 Mar 2003

Is it still possible to download Sun StarOffice for free?

  MartinT-B 09:39 06 Mar 2003

NOt officially I'm afraid.

It used to be, but they upgraded to StarOffice 6 and the old 5.2 download site at SUN has been removed :(

You MIGHT be able to get it from another download site that still has it on its server.

Search for "Sun Staroffice 5.2" + Download.

  Belatucadrus 11:02 06 Mar 2003

The free version of Star office is now known as Open office and is available from click here or if you want an alternative there is 602pro PC Suite from click here.

  Simsy 11:03 06 Mar 2003

OpenOffice is essentially the same thing.

As I understand it StarOffice 6 includes a number of elements from other software developers, such as spell checkers and graphics converters, that are not free. OpenOffice has the same core elements as StarOffice, but without these bits that have to be paid for.

I may have the detail there slightly wrong, but I'm sure the gist of what I've indicated is correct.

(Might I also suggest another Office suite, which is free... EasyOffice from click here I tried it a little while ago while doing some research for myself and was quite impressed with the range of features. Saving to pdf, audio read back and an impressive back up system are just a few.)



  Simsy 11:05 06 Mar 2003

sorry Belatucadrus, my "however" was written before your post had appeared. It refers to the first post not yours!



  flecc 11:15 06 Mar 2003

There's an excellent group test of the top seven Office Suites in the current April issue of Personal Computer World, including the Star Office and free version.

I use the free in SPEEDOS/Strewth! and the Star Office version in Lindows, and for my simple uses I can't see a difference.

  Belatucadrus 11:26 06 Mar 2003

Simsy I tried your EasyOffice link and got a forbidden access message, just in case I'm not the only one encountering link problems I searched out another click here. Thanks for the reminder I'd forgotten that one.

  expertec 09:12 07 Mar 2003

Thanks very much, I'll try open office. I think it was on PC Advisor cover disc few months ago.

  Simsy 09:40 07 Mar 2003

I did get the address wrong for easyoffice.. I ommitted the hyphon!

The correct, direct, address is click here

(It's quite a big download, but I'm sure I have it on a coverdisc somewhere if anyone wants it.)



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