Summer heat

  midian 09:36 10 Jun 2006

I have noticed the temps in by BIOS are higher in the summer...38C compared to 29C any other time of year. I know thats obvious but i have tried various case fan setups. I have 6 fans altogether, thats including 3 on the PSU, 1 on CPU, 2 case fans, one sucking air in on the side one at the back blowing out. As the back of the pc is close to a curtain im not sure if this is stopping the air being blown out from escaping properly. I have also noticed my 7800GT temp is high... between 55-60C... is that too high? I get a few random crashes/lock ups during games, notibly Oblivion, but also get lock ups using non-games.

  The Spires 09:46 10 Jun 2006

You might be better with a fan on the front pulling air in rather than or as well as the side fan, as air at the moment will just come in on the side & out at the back missing a large part of your case.

  spuds 10:39 10 Jun 2006

On very warm days, I generally have a household fan in the area of my complete set-up. Moves the air around, and helps to keep everything cool, including myself. If the curtain is in very close proximity to the case, this isn't going to help matters much, as it could be causing a void for air expulsion.

Would mention that the fire services have many call-outs per year, due to curtains being in very close proximity to such things as electrical appliances.

  UncleP 13:06 10 Jun 2006

You are up against some basic laws of physics; if the air temperature is 10oC warmer in summer your computer components will run - more or less - 10oC hotter. Air is a poor coolant (low thermal capacity and conductivity) and it's difficult to improve its efficiency once you have a sensible flow rate and pattern over the hottest components. But it's cheap and simple, and hence widely used.

At a guess I would make sure that any obstruction at the back of the PC is at least 12" away, and preferably more, to prevent interference with the air flow. Safety considerations are another matter.

Reviews of Oblivion note that it is very demanding upon (graphics) resources, and this may be the reason, rather than thermal effects, for the crashes or lock-ups. I used to play its predecessor Morrowind on my old computer, and reckoned that about 1-2 hours was the maximum session without a crash. There is a website ( which gives tips for tuning up gaming systems, but I never got round to doing more than replacing the graphics drivers.

  ade.h 14:25 10 Jun 2006

You will see an increase as a result of higher ambient temperatures, but you should reconsider your case layout. You have cross-currents and that is very inefficient; all your fans - intake, CPU (use a perpendicular fan if possible) and exhaust - should all be in line for maximum effect. Move the curtain or case as well.

  DrScott 16:29 10 Jun 2006

Upgrading your CPU fan to lower its temps, as well as considering putting a new cooler fan on the GPU. I don't know what CPU have, but the Arctic Cooling Freezer pro series (pentium or AMD) are reputed as being excellent and cost around £16.

Alternatively, a new case with better air flow, or try new case fans.

  john-232317 16:39 10 Jun 2006

They still use PC`s in hot countries like Spain, 28c in the shade at the mo ;-) I use mine in temps of the high 30`s in the summer, its never caused any problems.

  midian 16:39 10 Jun 2006

I am running AMD 3800+Dual core, 1Gig of ram, a 7800GT, 160 Gig sata drive, cd/rw, dvd/rw, my PSU is 650w. So quite a power hungry machine, I have now moved the case away from the curtain, trying to find a spare fan to go in the front... Is it really nesecarry to have a fan drawing air in? surely if the air is already warm then it wont help cool the pc down.

  Stuartli 18:22 10 Jun 2006

>>Is it really necessary to have a fan drawing air in?>>

Yes, it's precisely why such fans are on sale...:-)

  DrScott 19:19 10 Jun 2006

Air flow, rather than necessarily the temperature of the air per se, though cooler air will cool more effectively that warmer air. But still warm air is worse than moving warm air.

If you're really concerned, you could consider water cooling, but the fans for your CPU that I mentioned above will actually out-perform many more expensive water cooling kits.

  spuds 19:45 10 Jun 2006

Not sure whether these are what Dr Scott means click here

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