Sumif help beeded

  newearwax 14:21 19 Jan 2006

Can anyone suggest an easu way to sum a list subject to 2 criterai?

In Col j we have to choose betwwen A and B
In col k we have to chose between C and D
In col l we have a set of values
We need to sum theitems in col l that have both As and Cs, As and Ds, Bs and Cs, Bs and Ds

  VoG II 15:53 19 Jan 2006

I think that you will need to use SUMPRODUCT but I don't understand what you have in J and K, and especially not what is in L.

  Simsy 18:36 19 Jan 2006

that I don't understand the solution, (never got my head round array stuff!), but if I've understood your problem correctly I think the following will give the sum of what's in Column L, when Column j is A and Column k is C


where "colJ" is the range in columnJ

"colK" is the range in columnK

"colL" is the range in columnL

You'll need to adjust ranges/letters to suit.

Note that I take no credit for this at all... it's a translated copy from click here

Good luck,



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