Suicidal over a wireless network!!!

  knobler 23:14 16 Jan 2004


I've got broad band coming in to one computer via an external ADSL modem (Speedtouch) and want to know what I need to network it to my laptop so that I can access the Internet and share files!!

  VoG II 23:39 16 Jan 2004

If it is anything like cable modem you need three things:


WIFI PCI card for desktop

PCMCIA card for laptop

Set up the router first, then add the other 2. Result = Network.

  knobler 23:44 16 Jan 2004

That's the trouble, I'm trying to get away from the cables - It's like a snake pit at the moment!

Thanks anyway!

  VoG II 23:54 16 Jan 2004

You need a cable from PC to router and to modem (cable from modem to PC presumably pre-exists). The rest is wireless! One extra short connection.

Perhaps I should have said

Wireless Router

Wireless PCI card for desktop

Wireless PCMCIA card for laptop

  Forum Editor 07:36 17 Jan 2004

is to buy exactly what VoG has suggested.

You plug the Speedtouch modem into the router, fit the PCI card into the desktop machine, and the PCMCIA card into the laptop.

That, very simply put is it.

Things you should know:

1. You can also buy external USB wireless network adpaters for both machines. Then all you have to do is plug them in.

2. Make sure that if you use USB adapters you install the software before you plug in the adapters.

3. The set up routine for the wireless router will be pretty easy, and involve connecting (temporarily) the router to one machine with the supplied cable. This is so you can set the router up - following the on screen instructions - and download the modem's firmware to the router. The latter procedure enables the router to initiate the connection each time it's booted.

4. You could abandon the Speedtouch modem altogether and get a wireless router with it's own ADSL modem built in. These are now very common, in fact they outnumber routers that don't have a modem. With one of these you connect the router directly to the ADSL phone line, and use the same wireless adapters as before for the two computers.

It all works very smoothly, and is almost easier to do than to explain. Everyone has their favourite routers and network adapters - I tend to favour Netgear routers and Belkin or Linksys wireless USB and/or PCMCIA adapters. You can buy some very neat little USB adapters that look like those USB 'pen' drives. Take a look around the wireless networking section at
click here

  Inigo 08:04 17 Jan 2004

Best place to get a PCMCIA wireless card is Maplin, BTW - they have one for about £13 at the moment. click here is definately quite cute, though...

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