Suggestions wanted for boosting performance

  Paul33 15:24 18 Oct 2006

I use my desktop PC primarily for professional imaging work. I'm a pro-photographer and use Photoshop CS2 for most of my work.

Performance is pretty decent but I'm just wondering if there is any easy and obvious way to move to better than "pretty decent" ...... without buying a new machine.

Basic spec is .......

Motherboard: ASUS A7N266-VM
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2400+
CPU Speed: 2004MHz
Front-Side Bus Speed: 133MHz
Installed RAM: 768 MHz (upgrading to 1GHz shortly)
Hard Drives: Two drives (80GB & 200GB)
Graphics Card: Matrox 650

Is it possible to upgrade the CPU to something faster ? Would it be worth the effort and is it fairly easy to do ?

  Pamy 15:32 18 Oct 2006

When you say you would like something better than "pretty decent", what exactly are you not happy about what you have? Your motherboard is your limiting factor, but if your computer does what you want, why spend money just for the sake of it?

  Paul33 15:46 18 Oct 2006

Performance within Photoshop is I guess what I'm looking at.

Loading up multiple TIFF files @ 10mb a throw, running automated actions/scripts on a folder full of 200+ images, running noise reduction filters and the like ...... they all take their own time and I presume could be made to move faster.

Otherwise, you're probably right ...... there's not too much wrong with it.

  Pamy 15:51 18 Oct 2006

I think you are looking at a new top of the range computer then. I do not think there is any one thing apart from your memory that is worth spending money on.

  Paul33 15:53 18 Oct 2006

Thanks for the reassurance !

  Pamy 15:54 18 Oct 2006

Others will probable disagree, so hang on for their advice

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