Suggestions for type of DVD writer

  Dragon_Heart 02:05 19 Jul 2007

A friend of mine has an eMachine with a Celeron 1.7 chip and 384 Mb of memory.

Anyone got a similar spec machine using a DVD writer, if so, what's the make & model of writer. He does not need anything too 'state of the art', just something for backing up his photo's and video's but he will need a 'retail' not 'OEM' version.


  Gongoozler 07:00 19 Jul 2007

Hi Dragon_Heart. The only real difference between different models of DVD writers is the speed of writing. The model of PC has no real bearing on your choice, as long as you have a spare IDE connector. My DVD writer is a Benq DW1620, but that is probably obsolete. Have a look at what is available here click here

  crosstrainer 07:13 19 Jul 2007

Going to burn a lot of information, and make videos etc, go for a Dual Layer drive...this will give you the ability to use 8gb Dvd's as well as the standard 4.7.

I am currently running 2x Liteon dual layer drives in my XP rig, one Philips dual layer in this machine, (Vista) and my laptop has a built in fast dual layer rewriter.

The liteon drives provide good value for money, and they prove to be very reliable. Fancy brands and Sata support are what you pay extra for....As far as Sata is concerend, I did not find any real performence boost when using a "fancy" Plextor Sata drive recently...stick to ide.

  Stuartli 08:58 19 Jul 2007

DVD rewriters that can handle anything, including LightScribe, can be acquired from top brand names for under £20 - "cheap as chips" as the saying goes.

There are eight examples at this link:

click here

plus three just over £20.

I have a Sony GA170 which does all but LightScribe (in which I have no interest).

You can buy a basic version of Nero for a couple of pounds at the same source and update it on the Nero (Ahead) website; little point in buying retail rather than OEM drives.

click here

  john bunyan 12:44 19 Jul 2007

My writer can write to + and - R and RW, but I wish it could also accept DVD RAM. I would go for one that handles all formats including RAM as the advantage of RAM is that it behaves a bit like a hard drive when it comes to adding and deleting files. Media is a bit dearer though.Can't understand why it is not popular.

  Stuartli 13:46 19 Jul 2007

You can use a DVD-/+RW in this form using InCD from Nero.


click here

for more information.

  Stuartli 13:47 19 Jul 2007

The RAM disks are, as far as I am aware, more generally used in DVD recorders.

  crosstrainer 13:51 19 Jul 2007

PVR's use them as well, mine eats anything, but the DVD RAM is quite dear, even at trade I would have to buy loads (and sell them) So I stick to dual layer 8.5gb disc's which are cheap now, and work in all my PC's, laptop and PVR.

  john bunyan 15:13 19 Jul 2007

Stuartli, crosstrainer. Agreed but for folks who constantly alter files on a DVD, RAM acts like a hard disc when you write and rewrite;if you add stuff on +/-RW it's not so easy to sort it into folders. Can you actually re write a dual layer discs - I thought they were read only? Still great for big films and one off backups.

  Stuartli 15:54 19 Jul 2007

I was talking about basic CD/DVD rewritable disks in connection with InCD - not dual layer.

  Dragon_Heart 21:20 20 Jul 2007

... its more or less what I thought myself. I was running a Philips single layer DVD writer on a 1.3 Celeron that worked OK but first hand experience is always reassuring.

The reason why I said " he will need a 'retail' not 'OEM' version " was because this guy is in his 70's, very new to PC's but also VERY independent so wants to install it himself.

May just go visit for a cup of tea whilst he fits it .... just in case !

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