Suggestions for a non-Epson photo quality printer

  Trikie 17:25 02 Mar 2007

Over the last 5 years I've been using Epson printers -Photo 890 and Photo R200- with JetTec ink and getting very satisfactory pictures. The R200 is now playing up (another thread) and may need replacing.

I understand that Epson now build in a finite limit to the amount of printing that can be done so I'll try another make.What is a reasonably priced printer that will produce good quality prints that is also not too expensive on ink?

  Pineman100 17:31 02 Mar 2007

The current issue of PCA has a group report on photo printers.

  PA28 19:50 02 Mar 2007

The Canon range is excellent. I still use an old i865 and my sons both have Pixmas - they all produce first class results, have individual colour cartridges, and are fast.

  Arnie 19:57 02 Mar 2007
  woodchip 19:58 02 Mar 2007

Kodak as just brought out two new Very cheap and good to run these are Multi function print scanners. Looks like they will have other Printer Manufacturers worried click here

Don't think they have hit the shelvs just yet

  woodchip 19:59 02 Mar 2007
  laurie53 20:26 02 Mar 2007

My last three printers have been HP.

No complaints


  Arnie 23:47 02 Mar 2007

I remember reading about this one about a week ago.
My first thought was, about time too. There's no need to charge silly prices for ink cartridges.
When Kodak produce a printer only version, I shall be viewing it with interest.

An extract from the review.
..."with dated-looking white plastic exterior."

Who cares, I don't? I'm surprised they didn't say it wasn't 'sexy'.
Function over aesthetics wins me over anytime.
Don't tell the wife I said that! :o)

  flobby 00:41 03 Mar 2007

Hi Trikie,
Stick with Epson. I have not found any problem and I do a lot ( and I mean a lot) of printing.and for cheap ink try click here
Cheers Flobby

  €dstowe 06:43 03 Mar 2007

This may get over some of the printing number restriction of Epson printers click here

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