Suggestions for new M/Board & Processor & supplier

  bobatnorthway 07:40 07 Aug 2006

I have just sold my previous machine, this was a Gigabyte Board & AMD Athalon XP, I need to replace, any help on Spec & reliable supplier, please at a reasonable cost, I have previously bought from Comp markets and have found them not to be the best source ?

  Harpur 08:33 07 Aug 2006

i have used komplett for my last 2 upgrades mainly because they don't charge a premium for delivery to northern ireland. however their prices are competitive and i have found their customer services very good. click here

you haven't stated a budget for this rebuild so it maybe worth considering how much you want to spend then look around. if you see something you like why not post back here and you will get more than enough suggestions

  Gongoozler 08:53 07 Aug 2006

A motherboard and processor bundle from Novatech has often been recommended on this forum click here

  bobatnorthway 10:34 07 Aug 2006

Ihave a H/Drive, graphics card etc so I am looking at a board, processor, memory, perhaps £150 margin, do you think thats ok or am I being stingy?

  Gongoozler 11:36 07 Aug 2006

It really depends on what performance you're trying to achieve, but unless you want a top spec gaming machine, then £150 should be ample. Motherboard £40, processor £60, memory £50 should be fine.

  bobatnorthway 11:45 07 Aug 2006

Thanks for your help, I,ll have a look at the suppliers you reccomend

  ed-0 12:06 07 Aug 2006

depending on the size of your case and power supply.

I would think this would be good value for around £150.

Athlon 64 3800 venice. click here. That would give a good bit of umph.

This motherboard is a Matx and will fit any case It just has a AGP slot click here ID=23696

512Mb of pc3200 will make a good start for memory, what do you use at the moment? click here

That around about £132.

You could up the motherboard for AGP with PCI-E for an extra £ here

  ed-0 12:08 07 Aug 2006

This motherboard is a Matx and will fit any case It just has a AGP slot
click here

  bobatnorthway 18:19 07 Aug 2006

Thank you ed-0 & other responders, there are certainly some good offers that you have sent me and although I am not a gamer the AMD 64 3800 venice seems to be my favoured one at this time, I have yet to buy a case, this I think I shall source locally to avoid carriage costs.

  Harpur 21:19 09 Aug 2006

look at the pc world site and see if there are any offers for web prices and a collect at store

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