a suggestion for helping to prevent infections

  p;3 11:41 02 May 2005

I presume that most of you download your mails into OE or Outlook direct from server without checking their authenticity;
there seem to be a lot of infections around;

a way to help prevent these infections, you could check the mail address on server (but not open the mail,especially those with an attachement ), and if you do not recognise the address , chuck it straight out so that it does not even reach your machine; or use Mailwasher in which you can preview the mail on server without opening it,and delete it from server;

I have recently started to use OE, I use Mailwasher, and check mails on server before they go anywhere near my machine; also an up -to -date AV program fully operational

is this a fair comment and suggestion on a way to help reduce these infections?

  Audeal 12:00 02 May 2005

Most people know about the consequences of opening unknown mail but choose to ignore all the advice given on the subject. They soon find out what happens when they ignore the advice and then come running for help to put right their own wrongs.

I have a sister who does just that, so I have given up advising her on it, she accuses me of nagging her. Curiosity gets the better of most people, but it is important not to let it get the better of you.

I use MailWasher and delete all unknown and unwanted mail before I download it and have very few problems doing so.

  p;3 19:39 02 May 2005

another look :)

  Jak_1 19:43 02 May 2005

I just delete any mail that I don't recognise the sender. Especially those with attachments that I'm not expecting. AVG scans all my incoming and outgoing mail also.

  Technotiger 20:06 02 May 2005

Hi, I, and all of my local friends use Incredimail in preference to OE. Incredimail has its own Junk&Unaproved Folder, and with the normal use of anti-virus/ad-aware and firewall programs, and keeping everything updated plus the strict rule "Never open emails you don't recognise" we do not have any of the problems often seen within this Forum.


  p;3 06:51 04 May 2005

have a read:)

  p;3 17:21 08 May 2005

more info for anyone:)

using this simple precaution could save a lot of these infections:)

  DieSse 17:27 08 May 2005

I simply use a good AV program, which updates itself frequently, and has excellent heuristic checking for unknown virues click here

So I never worry about what mails I open - since I often legitimately get mail from unknown recipients, I have to be able to open any mails I wish.

It's enough - I've never been infected.

  flyboy 18:53 08 May 2005

p:3 Very fair comment / suggestion.

I've used OE AND mailwasher for a long time.

Also use Avast a/v.

Put quite a few friends onto this setup.

  stalion 21:02 08 May 2005

for anyone who does not use it yet this is for checking your emails on the server dodgy emails are notorious for infecting your pc
click here

  joseph K 21:13 08 May 2005

I agree with you. I've been using Mailwasher for over a year. The greatest thing about it is that it allows you to read the messages before deciding whether to download them or not by double clicking on each entry. An excellent program.

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