suggest a good computer game?

  futurekid 19:51 30 Jul 2006

I spend several hours on my pc today and unlike some people i do tend to get bored. So i thought now is the time for a good computer game, So.

Can anyone please make a good suggestion on a computer game.
Really i want one that requires to investigate things and try to solve the mystery. If you know what i mean

Many Thanks
Ben Greenslade.

  Diversion 20:50 30 Jul 2006

Try Tomb Raider Legend, it's an action adventure game but it takes about 7.5GB of your hard drive space. But if you have the room it's well worth putting it on, but you'll also need a decent graphics card.

  wolfie3000 21:23 30 Jul 2006

Halo!!! lol

One of the best mystery games iv played is broken sword :the sleeping dragon,

click here

Well worth a look its full of mystery and not fast paced like most modern games.

  polish 22:23 30 Jul 2006

half life 2 hard to beat

  GaT7 22:41 30 Jul 2006

Be aware that the Tomb Raider series has a bit of shooting/killing, while the Half Life series has a lot - it's primarily a first person shooter (FPS)?

I recommend Tomb Raider too - why don't you start with the earlier versions to see if you like that kind of game. You can get inexpensive ones off eBay click here.

Also, please tell us your PC specs to determine compatibility. G

  GaT7 22:59 30 Jul 2006

Info on Tomb Raider, Half Life & Broken Sword: click here, click here & click here. You can also research any other game there. G

  ArrGee 09:49 31 Jul 2006

Plenty of games out there, but if you want something for free click here

  kalstras 10:24 31 Jul 2006

click here

really good brain food, and fun!

  vinnyT 10:57 31 Jul 2006

Got to admit when I'm bored on my pc it's because I've been thinking too much, half-hour blowing away aliens sorts me out no end.

Half-life 2
Serious Sam (when I want a laugh as well)

  garrema 13:34 31 Jul 2006

Rag Doll Kung Fu.
Good for a laugh.

Or HL2

  Belatucadrus 14:17 31 Jul 2006

Planescape Torment if you can find a copy, great game.

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