Suddenly unable to connect to wireless network

  michaeljohndavis 13:20 22 Feb 2009

After having a problem-free wireless connection for a long time, this morning my laptop suddenly lost it. I'm using a Belkin wireless router and my laptop runs on Windows XP.

I'm able to connect via ethernet and my son's laptop is still able to connect wirelessly so I assume it's a laptop, rather than, router problem. I've tried to repair the connection but this does not work.I'm not aware of making any changes to firewalls or other settings which may have caused this problem (I did disable the windows firewall but it didn't help).

If anyone is kind enough to respond to this plea please bear in mind I'm a bit of a technophobe!



  mgmcc 13:53 22 Feb 2009

Does the Laptop *find* your router (its SSID) or anyone else's router when you scan for Available Wireless Networks?

The reason I ask is that, with some laptops, the wireless network adapter is in the main body of the computer with the aerial in the screen section. The action of opening and closing the laptop can eventually cause the cable that runs between the two to fail so that the adapter has no aerial and cannot find any networks.

  michaeljohndavis 14:37 22 Feb 2009

OK - so if i right click on the wireless network icon on the task(?) bar then click on 'open network connections' i see 'wireless network connection' (not connected). If i right click on this and then on 'available wireless networks' i get 'choose a wireless network - click on an item in the list below to conntect to a wireless network in range...', but with no networks showing. Does this sound right and if so does it back up your theory? Thanks for your help to date, btw.


  Chas49 16:10 22 Feb 2009

Some time ago I too had a suddenly disappearing wireless signal - or at least it wouldn't connect. I suspected that a near neighbour had gone wi-fi and using the same channel - I changed the channel to 11 (I think) and the matter cleared and I've had no trouble since.

  mgmcc 17:04 22 Feb 2009

It's certainly worth changing the Channel number in the Router's wireless settings to see if that makes any difference, although the fact that your son still connects means that the wireless signal isn't being blocked.

Can you "beg, borrow or steal" a USB WiFi adapter to see if you can connect with that?

  Strawballs 21:18 22 Feb 2009

This is very basic but does the laptop have a button for switching the wireless off and on and if so has it been accidently switched off.

  michaeljohndavis 21:58 22 Feb 2009

I've tried a usb wireless adaptor I had and have been able to connect no problem. So I guess it's probably a damaged connection in the laptop. Probably not worth going for a repair (laptop already nearly 3 years old) so I'll just keep going with my dongle! BTW Strawballs - no switch for wireless on this machine.

Thanks to all for their suggestions today.

  gofer3332 22:49 22 Feb 2009

i got the same problem today! just stopped for no reason, been here all day trying to fix it! onjly works via cable! pissing me off a rite treat. wireless not picking any thing up,gunna chek for update or summit

  Strawballs 23:03 22 Feb 2009

What make and model of laptop?

  gofer3332 23:12 22 Feb 2009


  gofer3332 23:13 22 Feb 2009


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