Suddenly a start up problem

  Catastrophe 11:16 09 Jul 2010

Was working fine. Then lost internet. Then blank at start. Now sometimes fan will start and then stop over a couple of seconds. Front panel switch connected but adds nothing. MB light on. Same with different PSU. Either nothing or fan starts and stops (just the once). Reboot and repeat.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.


  northumbria61 11:54 09 Jul 2010

Have you tried going into "safe mode" try tapping F8 on startup

  Catastrophe 15:11 09 Jul 2010

Chance would be a fine thing :)

Either no power at all or fraction of a second to start fan spinning then no power almost immediately.

Brand new PSU also tried with same result.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:53 09 Jul 2010

Disconnect all drives and see if it will boot to an error message.

try attaching drive one at a time to see if fault repeats.

  Catastrophe 15:40 11 Jul 2010

Thanks Fruit Bat /\O/\
But still only momentary power, just enough to spin fan for a few seconds, but MB light remains on.


  Diemmess 16:30 11 Jul 2010

You seem do have done all the obvious or recommended things. >

If you can't boot into safe mode.
If it wont boot to an error message when all drives are disconnected.
If a replacement PSU makes no difference
And you cannot reach even the BIOS screen.
Then in my opinion the MB is dud.

Very very unlikely after all the above, but try disconnecting the monitor or the graphics card if not integrated.
This might make all sorts of beep errors, but if the HD continues to run, then the source of the trouble presumably would be with the graphics.

  Dark Mantis 16:35 11 Jul 2010

Make sure the CPU heatsink/fan is still making good contact with the CPU. If ok check RAM with memtest86 one module at a time.

  Catastrophe 17:47 11 Jul 2010

SOLVED so please tell me why.

Problem: Power lasts only long enough to turn fan. MB light still on.

SOLUTION: Inspired by another thread popped out the CR2032 for a few minutes. Rebooted. SOLVED!

Please tell me, for the benefit of all others who might suffer this problem, WHY?

After the event I suspected that, power on, it would not boot. Hence changed battery. WORKED.

Thanks to other thread and to all who contributed here,


  Diemmess 17:59 11 Jul 2010

I'll bet you're feeling better.
I have had dead batteries over the years, and only noticed because of changed clock time. Never so full stop as yours.

Nevertheless whether its computers or their lesser bretheren in the radio and electronics world a switch off at the wall and an interval for a "cuppa" will often sort out a mess or non responsive item.

It probably wouldn't have helped to switch off remove the mains plug and hold down the reboot button for a while, but that can work wonders when all you get is a black screen and fans!

  Catastrophe 18:10 11 Jul 2010

You are one of the most respected, most helpful people here.

I am feeling better - thanks,

The CR2032 was not dead. I took it out and put it back in. IT WORKED.


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