Suddenly I need to disable firewall for speedy FTP

  drzoom 20:34 08 Mar 2008


This is a strange one.

I am running Windows XP and accessing the internet via an Orange Livebox. I have some basic webpages that I update regulary with Terrapin FTP. This has all run without a hitch for several years.

I usually upload small files approx 100 kb in size, previously Terrapin had completed this in a matter of seconds.

However recently when I have tried to upload a 100kb file has taken almost 30 minutes !! Further investigation showed that the new transfer speed was 0.080kbs ! Previously it had ranged fro 112.0kbs to 96.0kbs

After much playing around I have discovered that if I disable the Windows firewall, Terrapin uploads files as fast as it ever did. Therefore I can only assume something connected with the firewall is causing the problem.

Recently when I have switched on my PC I get a balloon in the lower right hand box indicating that my firewall is not switched on, however whenever I click on this box, or I run explorer or outlook express, the firewall switches on.

I have run virus and spyware etc programs but all seems clear.

Around the time this started I got a message from Orange telling me my broadband speed had been increased and my Livebox software had been updated. I have checked the Firewall settings, Terrapin is listed as an exception and Port 21 (the port used by Terrapin) has been added as an allowed port.

All other functions (email, web browsing, uTorrent PTP file upload/download etc) are working fine, the only problem is uploading to my own webpages.

I have tried the Orange helpdesk who referred me to an email help line, which simply sends me generic messages which are of no use at all.

Can anyone throw any light on this problem as I am reluctant to disable my firewall unless there is no other option.

Thanks very much.

  brundle 20:39 08 Mar 2008

click here
Under the heading `Can I Connect with a Firewall";

Try changing the PASV setting.

  mrwoowoo 20:39 08 Mar 2008

Why use windows firwall which is rather awkward to configure to your liking?
Just turn it off and use either of these free firewalls that most forum members use.
click here
click here

  drzoom 20:54 08 Mar 2008

Thanks for getting in touch - I tried the PASV setting in the Terrapin software, but then nothing uploaded at all, so that didn't seem to be the answer.

  drzoom 20:56 08 Mar 2008

Thanks for the links to other firewalls, much appreciated, but I would rather find out why Windows firewall has suddenly started to cause me problems, before I try something new.

  brundle 20:57 08 Mar 2008

Open port 20 too, FTP uses both ports in some circumstances (data port 21, control port 20). Close it again if it doesn't help, as it shouldn't be necessary - I've never had to do it when using FileZilla on a wide variety of machines, but it's worth a try.

  norman.hamilton.50 12:59 10 Mar 2008

Using XP; Installed spybot search and destroy; can't now access some legit websites because ports 443 and 21 and 80 aren't open.

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