Suddenly can't access any programmes.

  The Ever Delighted 13:13 01 Mar 2004

I was helping my father with a pretty mundane matter on his PC (windows XP), and when finished I decided to check his virus status. He appeared not to have any anti virus checker, so I installed a 30 day trial from a recent magazine disc, ran update, and bagan to check his files and folders. While this was running, I clicked on internet explorer, only to be told I could not access this prog, and had I written the correct prog details, etc. This happenned with Outlook Express, paintshop, Word, and all the progs, more or less, in start up programmes (recycle bin's ok). I could still go online through the 'connections' tab in start up, but no e mail or internet platform to use with it. I ditched the virus scan, and checked the directory under 'explore', but the same happenned here. No access. The programmes are still there, but I just could not get into them. Has something happened to the registry? Did I inadvertantly download a virus through the anti virus update (which, incidently, is also innaccessable now, as well!)?
Somebody please shed some light on this. I went to help out my old dad, and ended up causing him even more grief, big style! He's 78 and tearing his hair out with the stress of it all!!

  Giggle n' Bits 13:15 01 Mar 2004

or if that is no use, go into the add/remove and remove what you installed.

  OneSirKnight 13:16 01 Mar 2004

DO a system restore to the day when all was ok.

  The Ever Delighted 13:43 01 Mar 2004

But please excuse my ignorance, but how do I run a systen restore?

  Jester2K 13:51 01 Mar 2004

Start Menu, All Programs, Acessories, System Tools, System Restore.

Pick a date before you installed anything...

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