sudden switch off

  jarani 17:27 22 Jul 2010

I was using my desktop comuter this pm when it suddely cut out - trying repetedly to swith on it would not respond - 10 minutes later it just responded and swithed on, rebooted and took me straight to the web page I was looking at when it cut out - any ideas please

It is a very good medion PC running XP

  rawprawn 17:36 22 Jul 2010

Sounds as though it could be overheating, have you had a look inside, and cleared all the vents and fans? A good spring clean may help.

  jarani 23:11 23 Jul 2010

rawprawn - thank you for the suggstion - I cleaned it with a vacuum suction - there was vey little dust but no recurrence of the problem

However a new problem surfaced which is more worrying

After cleaning of the fan funnel the PC starts when the case is open but gives off siren like alarm sound and shuts off when the case is put back

I suspect fan seating is disturbed or earthing problem - never heard of the siren sound before - will start a new subject on this

  Dark Mantis 07:49 24 Jul 2010

Your vacuuming has probably lifted the heatsink from the CPU and it is an overheat alarm. Re-seat it with some paste and it should stop.

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