Sudden slow boot prob on XP - Help Please!!

  wyatt earp 20:36 16 Sep 2005

HI all, I have an XP home edition on an athlon 1.4ghz pc with 512mb. It has two hard drives - one is the operating system and data disc, the other being the backup disc with a ghost copy of c drive taken late june and a windows backup file taken yesterday.

From yesterday morning the pc started freezing and taking approx. ten times longer to get past the win xp logo on boot up. I have a seagate barracuda drive with xp on it so i went to seagate online and used their tools to check it.
Every thing seemed ok except this:
Results for volume C: (NTFS)
Volume Label:
Volume Size: 38.07 GB
Some files on the volume are open. This may effect the accuracy of the file system check and result in false errors.
The file system contains errors that need to be repaired.

I did the system file checker in windows and it asked for several files from my win xp disc (which it took)

The problem is still there! (although it has not frozen up yet.) Do i have a problem with my boot record or similar?

I can load recovery console but am unsure what to run.
Any help appreciated.

  merrycherry 22:11 16 Sep 2005

once in recovery console type /? for a list of available commands. Can't remember but i think "fixmbr" repairs boot records

  PC Bilbo 22:27 16 Sep 2005

Have you tried a system restore to last good configuration before problem occured.?

  wyatt earp 14:12 17 Sep 2005

merrycherry & pc bilbo - thanks for your messages.
I have tried a system restore today to no avail.
I have also fitted a borrowed power supply. I still have the problem.

I noticed today that the cpu usage in task manager will intermittantly race to 95 - 100% for no reason?

I have also taken out the two memory sticks out one at a time to see if thats a problem.

I am not actually getting error messages but have an incredibly slow pc!!
Do you think it could be the processor failing or maybe the hard drive failing? I have run out of ideas for now.


  wyatt earp 16:24 17 Sep 2005

Further update - I have run full Virus & spyware scans and found no problem.

There are no probs in event viewer. Windows is reporting the correct processor and memory. I am left feeling it's either the hard drive, processor, windows xp or the motherboard? How do i run tests to prove something for sure?

If it's relevant the computer model is a Packard Bell ixtreme 9705.

Any help is appreciated.

  Samuelson 16:34 17 Sep 2005

Your drive is dead (or dying). My advice...start making backups. And send your drive back for a replacement.

  Philwane 16:49 17 Sep 2005

Just a thought! but have you tried re-seating the cables on the hard-drive & motherboard they may be working loose? this happened a while ago on a friends machine and it turned out to be a loose connection

  wyatt earp 16:53 17 Sep 2005

Samuelson - I think you are probably right.

I have just run another spyware scan with the task manager open and the cpu was on 94 -100% all the time during the scan. The pc also froze several times during the scan but with no messages etc.

I was able to do a windows backup of all documents etc. yesterday.

The drive is little more than 7 months old so i am a little peeved it's failing.

I will leave this message open until the morning in case anyone agrees with you or offers other advice.

Thanks for your help.

  wyatt earp 16:55 17 Sep 2005

Philwane - I checked those yesterday, but thanks for the idea.


  wyatt earp 14:16 18 Sep 2005

Result : I finally restored my ghost copy just to be sure and everything is fine!!

Windows XP must have been corrupted somehow causing this fault. I have just put all doc's and e-mail back on. PC now works a dream again.

Classic example of why people MUST have backups available!

Thanks for your advice folks.


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