Sudden shutdown in XP

  User-88C275E8-EB03-4BC4-A4366AF1623A2182 17:04 20 May 2006

My PC has started shutting down with no warning or, alternatively, freezing in Windows so that I have to press the reset button to reboot. The shutdown does not come with any warning or a blue screen message. The computer suddenly closes down and reboots on its own.

On reboot it sometimes does not get past the Windows logon screen before it freezes. At other times Windows opens normally for a while and then either freezes or closes. It does not sem to matter what programs I am running at the time. Ocasionally, when trying to restart the PC the screen does not fire up. Leave the computer switched off for five minutes and this problem disappears.

I have no new harware or software installed in the last few months. My Motherboard is an Asus A8V Deluxe. I have flashed the bios (with the existing version) in an attempt to improve things but that has not made any difference. I am running an Athlon 64bit chip, which is only a few months old as is the motherboard.

Could this be a failing graphics card? If anyone has any suggestions that would be very helpful

  Chris-347369 17:06 20 May 2006

It'spossible your computer could be overheating. Are all the fans still working?

Both the CPU fan and my two case fans are working properly. CPU temp showing as 39.9 C which seems about normal

  Chris-347369 17:13 20 May 2006

One way of caatching what might me happening is to right click My Computer and go to propeties.

Select the advanced tab and go to Startup and Recovery settings.

Uncheck the box that says Automatically restart (if it's checked) and if your PC suddenly falls over again it'll display the error, if there is one

  aca 17:16 20 May 2006

I think that this sounds like the graphics card is overheating. Perhaps as Pyroxide said the fan may not be working. Quick visual check with side of case off will determine this.

When you say it shutdowns, have you got set to automatically reboot? Go to Control Panel System and then Start Up and Recover untick Automatic Restart. This might then give you some error codes to check that might give clue.

I've done that, we'll see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll leave this open for a while in case anyone else has any thoughts

  aca 17:17 20 May 2006

Worth looking at the fan specifically on graphics card. What card is it?

The graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 420. AGP slot. Does not seem to have a fan. It's around 4 years old

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