sudden low performance in games and videos

  ovi200 21:02 22 May 2014

hi, last night i played bf3 and a bit euro truck sim 2 without any problems, today when i tried to play my fps was 10-15 fps also when watching videos on youtube or twitch in 1080p its stuttering and sound is buzzing a little . I made a full system scan with malwarebytes and avast which found no threats, i aslo updated windows and video drivers, reduce video settings to the lowest, shut down all unecessay programs with no change. temps stay between 30-35 idle and 60-65 celsius in games. My pc: Mb: asus P5B; Cpu: intel core 2 duo E8500 @3.16 Ghz; Ram: 4 gb ddr2; Gpu: nvidia geforce 9800gt 1gb ddr3; Psu: delux atx 500w; Hdd: seagate 320 gb SATA II; Case: ATX (click here windows 7 64 biti P.S. -i made no changes or updates last night before i shut down the pc. -i usually play bf3 at 30-40 fps (over 1000h) -2-3 weeks ago when i instaled malwarebytes found 13 threats which i quarantined. pls help :S


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:39 22 May 2014

could be your internet speed is affected by the weather.

try a speed test

  ovi200 10:19 23 May 2014

Sry for the messy post, i copy/pasted from notepad. My internet seems to work fine, a friend told me that it could be my hdd or psu. What i still don't understand is how did it broke over night, i played bf3 every night 2-3h with a friend and everything worked fine.

  rdave13 10:32 23 May 2014

Check what's going on with task manager. Under options select Always on top. Resize it and move to a corner of the screen as best you can. Keep an eye on the processes and performance as you use the PC.

  ovi200 12:14 23 May 2014

ok i played for 5 mins each and watched a video on twitch and these are the results. the only one that seems to consume more resources is chrome its usually consumed 60-65% of cpu before this issue. it would seem that i fixed the stuttering buzzing noise in the videos but the games are the same. P.S. in bf3 there is no buzzing noise.

chrome cpu 95% RAM 60%

bf3 cpu 100% RAM 61%

euro ttruck sim 2 cpu 53% RAM 59%

  ovi200 12:21 23 May 2014

also in idle cpu 0-1% RAM 23%. temps idle 30-35 full load 60-65 celsius.

  ovi200 12:21 23 May 2014

also in idle cpu 0-1% RAM 23%. temps idle 30-35 full load 60-65 celsius.

  ovi200 12:21 23 May 2014

also in idle cpu 0-1% RAM 23%. temps idle 30-35 full load 60-65 celsius.

  rdave13 12:24 23 May 2014

CPU is flat out when running bf3, is there something else showing?

  ovi200 12:33 23 May 2014

what should i be looking for? i played bf3 for a long time on this pc without issues like this and it worked fine 30-40 fps, it alwayes drained my cpu.

  rdave13 13:02 23 May 2014

Look for something that's using the resources, check the hard drive usage, something that might give a clue to what's happening.

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