Sudden large increase in number of files in system

  Nosmas 11:20 04 May 2007

My system is XP (SP2) and fully up to date with MS Updates and I run AVG Free v7. My HDD is divided into various partitions, mainly to segregate the OS and data files.

Recently I received a warning that my 'C' drive had very little free space left. Th XP Defrag analysis advised that the drive needed defragging but when I tried to defrag I was warned that I had less than the ideal 15% free space to enable the defrag to run efficiently. Since I couldn't identify any sufficiently large files to delete and improve the free space, I decided to move and resize two of the partitions using Partition Magic which I have used for some years. The job took some time but was eventually completed without any hitch two nights ago.

My AVG is set to update each morning at 8:00 and to run a full scan at 8:15. To my surprise the results yesterday and this morning showed the number of files scanned had increased from around 55,000 to 73,000 yesterday and 75,000 this morning.

I fail to understand why so many additional files have suddenly appeared (or where they can have come from) and would appreciate suggestions to explain this phenomena.

  MAJ 11:38 04 May 2007

At a guess, I would say Windows has created a new System Restore point (a System Check Point) and that would account for some/most of the extra files, Nosmas.

  Input Overload 12:19 04 May 2007

Install click here it's a freeware program & you will quickly see what how your drive(s) are being used.

  Nosmas 12:35 04 May 2007

Thanks for your response, but I don't think that is the explanation. Before doing the defrag I deleted all but the last of the System Restores and now there are only 3 restore points on my system. The earliest is 02/05/07 @ 20:44 (which I think was the one remaining before the defrag) and the next two are on 04/05/07 (i.e. early THIS MORNING) @ 01:59 (System Checkpoint) and 02:07 (Software Distribution Service) which is almost certainly a MS Update.

  MAJ 13:00 04 May 2007

What about the hyberfil.sys file, do you have Hibernation enabled in Power Options?

  Nosmas 13:33 04 May 2007

I don't have hibernation enabled and according to the info shown on Power Options the hibernation file would only require 512mb.

  Nosmas 18:40 04 May 2007

Bump for comments from 'the evening shift' please

  MAJ 19:08 04 May 2007

Have you tried to search for files modified during the times you stated, Nosmas. Click on the 'Date Modified' column in the search window to sort them in order. That might give you an idea of which files have apparently appeared on your PC.

  Nosmas 20:30 04 May 2007

Tried your idea three times. First searching for all files modified within the last week produced 5,548 files. I then changed the search for all files modified from 02/05/07 to 03/05/07 (to allow for running past midnight) and this only produced 1811 files.

I then tried searching for all files created from 02/05 to 03/05 - result 2012 files.

As you will see none of these results approaches anywhere near the 25,000 increase I have experienced. I am beginning to wonder if AVG has, for some obscure reason, not been checking ALL files on my system. If so that is rather worrying. Are there any AVG 'specialists' out there who might venture an opinion?

  Nosmas 08:37 05 May 2007

Bump for the weekend. Surely there must be some logical explanation. Any other ideas please.

  MAJ 08:47 05 May 2007

It might be worthwhile asking on the AVG forum click here Nosmas.

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