Sudden drop in broadband speed

  awest3 17:57 20 Jul 2010

I'm with Sky and have been enjoying roughly 3.5meg download speeds (not much but good for my loaction. The day before yesterday my latency went up from 41ms to 63ms and my download speed dropped to 2.3meg. Left it for 6 hours or so before ringing Sky who said they were still pushing 4meg at me but the router could only cope with 2.7 (at the router). They went through the things which could affect this which were mainly about my internal wiring..nothing has changed my end to my knowledge so some pointers as to what I can do to get the speed back would be appreciated. Router stats show 2784 down, 576 up. Noise margin varies 4-7db down, 14db up.

Dell insipron 530s, 4 gig mem, vista sp2 twin 1 tb drives

  woodchip 18:02 20 Jul 2010

have you tried turning router off and back on. that means remove power from it

  awest3 18:14 20 Jul 2010

yes thanks...its always my first port of call...on the morning of the problem the router had an orange light on instead of the usual green...I restarted it at the time and have again every few days or no avail... ah well...looks like i'm about to renew my internal phone cabling...

  awest3 22:35 22 Jul 2010

and today my speed is backup to 3.1 meg down and .5 up still 63ms..but i've not changed anything my end.....

  northumbria61 22:59 22 Jul 2010

Speed does vary during the day so you will get different readings.

  awest3 13:18 23 Jul 2010

Thanks for this....its an Interesting theory but mine has been stable at 3.5meg morning, noon and night (I'm retired so I know) for over two years....

  northumbria61 16:53 23 Jul 2010

It is not just a theory - it is fact - so you are one of the lucky one's. I also have good speed and connection which rarely varies - but I am only one mile from the exchange.

  awest3 18:52 23 Jul 2010

Northumbria61...Sorry did not mean to sound dismissive..!

I think I'm quite a way from the exchange and the advice is that I should only get 1.5meg..
so you're right I am one of the lucky ones...its just it being so stable for the last two years a sudden drop overnight is noticable.
When it last happened I rang Sky and they did some tweaks which put it back up....this time the guy I got said it was all ok..or that it was my wiring...which its obviously not as its now up to 3.1 meg..and I've done nothing...
I'll let you know if it varies again and the outcome....

  northumbria61 21:04 23 Jul 2010

Sorry did not mean to sound dismissive..!

No I am sure you didn't - but I have a friend who is with SKY and his speeds are slow at times, the connection keeps dropping, especially after 6pm and he is only a few hundred yards from his exchange (nearer than I am) - but he lives in an old house with OLD wiring (which I am sure has a lot to do with it)

And guess who is the first person he contacts when things go wrong ? - I must accept your first answer !!)

I am currently getting 6.8meg (averages between 5.6 and 6.9) with BT Home Hub

  vialli2000 15:49 24 Jul 2010

Regarding changing your internal wiring. I read somewhere that if you disconnect the bell wire internally (orange/white stripe) this reduces noise and increase speed !!
I'm sure others on this forum far more qualified than me will can comment on whether this is valid.

  awest3 08:42 03 Aug 2010

Still holding at 3meg....but ping still at 62ms..I'll close this for now and thanks for all the help...


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